Soul Performance Products Snapback Hats


Support SOUL by showing off who enhances your exhaust with a performance snapback hat!

Snapback hat construction offers best possible fitment and maximum comfort
Lets people know you have exquisite taste in exhaust systems



DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING:  After an overwhelming abundance of requests for hats we have finally completed our extended R&D period. We experimented with dozens of materials and fitment until stumbling upon the ideal canvas for our logos – the tried and true snapback style hat. Ventilation holes ensure you run cool and don’t heat soak for sustained performance. Offers outstanding protection from UV rays to prevent you from fading or discoloring over time. The SOUL ghost lets people know you have discerning taste in performance components and that you’ll be encroaching in their rear view mirror on the the track later.

BOLT ON AND GO:  One size fits all and adjustment is quickly done via the rear snap section to guarantee perfect fitment.

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