CUSTOMER HIGHLIGHT: Jeff / 991.1 Carrera

What project cars led up to your Porsche ownership?

I have owned several project cars over the years with the most notable being a 1996 Vortech supercharged VR6 Jetta (and later turbocharged), European inspired MK3 VW Golf VR6, and 2007 VW Golf on airride with GT3 green wheels. Each project was unique and fun but I always wanted a refined sports car from Porsche – the pinnacle of my European obsession.

What are your passions?

My family is my number one passion, always. After my family comes Såk Gear, our start-up a lifestyle company providing dry bags and waterproof bags for all outdoor activities. This has been great as its leading myself and my family into more active outdoor lifestyles.

What lead you to SOUL and how do you like your system?

I found SOUL on Facebook – they were local, passionate, honest hardworking guys and everything fell together perfectly. After checking out the products in person I noted that the quality and attention to detail were incredible. Now after owning their Valved Exhaust System I cannot believe the change in the car! It just makes everything feel and react so much better.

Future plans for your 991?

It’s my first Porsche, but I already have the bug to go faster. I want to upgrade the brakes, get a new intake/plenum setup, and eventually some engine tuning. Planning some track time later this year too!

What other cars are currently in the garage?

Just picked up an Audi A4 Avant thanks to VW Diesel-gate settlement. I have always loved the Avants and had a few in the past also.

If you could own any car what would it be?

I truly love Porsches and my ultimate cars would be from Porsche. I would be torn between a Euro-spec 964 RS lightweight or a Porsche 356 Pre-A coupe. Opposite ends of the spectrum but both unique in their own regards. You can’t have any 911 without a 356 coupe and you wouldn’t have the crazy GT3 / GT3 RS without the RS models and the 964 just looks so good in the middle of the life cycle.