DEVELOPMENT: Porsche 991.2 Carrera (with PSE) Part 2

Let’s dive into information about our high performance catalytic converter replacements for the 991.2 Carrera (with PSE): SPORT CATALYTIC CONVERTERS and CAT BYPASS PIPES

+ The directional HJS HD 200 cell catalytic converters are appropriately sized for the power level of the 991.2 Carrera, well in the range of the greater advertised power gains that we’ve seen with tunes as well. The flow path is optimized to utilize the entirety of the catalysts for proper exhaust scrubbing, resulting in no check engine lights.

+ During the fabrication process we back purge as many welds as possible for maximum durability and then hand apply our signature satin finish for a perfect, uniform look. Should you ever remove your components at any point and would like them refreshed, we’ll refinish them for a reasonable fee.

+ We felt it important to retain use of the factory heat shields as to not heat soak the components around the turbos.

+ During testing we experienced no CEL with Cat Bypass Pipes, but cannot guarantee the same results on all cars as all cars are different and unique.

+ We designed our Cat Bypass Pipes to have a straight through exhaust path with valves open in pursuit of maximum exhaust flow and power – if you’re deleting catalysts that is surely your focus! We’ve positioned the secondary tube into the Porsche Sport Exhaust where it is to keep the valves closed tone civil and refined while still receiving ample exhaust flow.

We approached AWE Tuning about testing our development car at their state of the art R&D facility. Since AWE has been engineering precision Porsche performance parts for decades we knew we were in good hands.

Sound is subjective, but we’ll do our best to explain our experience so far. Both components accentuate the sound of the engine – you can expect more flat six growl. Love it or hate it, both components will also increase the presence of the turbos – with Cat Bypass Pipes allowing the turbos howl a bit more during deceleration and reach a more distinct wail on acceleration. The Sport Catalytic Converters are perfect for the daily driven car as there is no added drone and the volume level is refined.

Soul says:
Mike: “When we swapped back to Sport Cats I missed the extra sound the Cat Bypass Pipes added, but then again I like my cars as sporty as possible. If you like an aggressive exhaust tone – Cat Bypass Pipes are perfect. I enjoy the extra volume in the cabin and don’t mind it at any RPM, valves open or closed.

John: “I drive an hour to work every day and Sport Catalytic Converters would be on my car. I like the extra tone without the extra attention. My 944 is my race car.”

Don’t take our word it though, hear for yourself:

SOUL | 991.2 Carrera (with PSE) Sport Catalytic Converters
SOUL | 991.2 Carrera (with PSE) Cat Bypass Pipes


Our final post, Part 3 will discuss our Trackback turbo back exhaust system and other mods. Thanks for reading!