DEVELOPMENT: Soul Partners With Mikalor For The Highest Quality Clamps

We’re always looking for ways to optimize our products, and we sought a solution to increase the clamping force and longevity on the clamps that we use. Our goal is to minimize the risk of exhaust tips coming loose or having an inability to remove and reuse them due to corrosion over time. We’ve proudly partnered with Mikalor to use their Supra Heavy-Duty W4 Clamps wherever possible.

Projection welding spots, swinging bridge, high-strength stainless steel bolt and the exclusive design of their captive nut and trunion offer superior clamping forces. It’s important to us that our customers have a great experience, and the last thing we want you to experience is a snapping t-bolt clamp during exhaust tip installation, or rusted threads should you ever need to make adjustments.


  • Mikalor’s Tools and Engineering division manufactures dies, machine tools and machinery which are then used for the manufacturing of their clamps.
  • Mikalor clamps are factory on certain Ferrari applications, specifically their ASFA titanium clamps which are used on coolant systems and air intakes.
  • Mikalor’s focus is on producing the highest quality clamps for everything up to the most demanding uses.


W4 clamp specs: SPECS: Band and Bridge: X5CrNI 1810 Stainless steel (DIN 1.4301)(AISI-304) (A2) Bolt: (AISI-302) Cu Stainless steel

Soul Performance Products will continue to attempt to innovate and elevate our products to an increasing level of quality. Look for Mikalor clamps on all new exhausts where applicable – and contact us to upgrade clamps for your existing Soul Performance Porsche or BMW exhaust with t-bolt clamps if you’d like.