What project cars lead up to your Porsche ownership?

Growing up, cars were more of a utility for me than something really fun. After I got my first real job, I purchased a Sapphire Black Metallic CPO 2009 BMW 528i xDrive. I kept it completely bone stock with the exception of some pretty dark tints. While the car had its share of reliability issues, I still adore the E60 body style— it’s one of my favorites of all time. Some of my relatives and one of my best friends from college had Boxsters at the time. I’ll never forget the excitement I felt when driving them— and the sound. Driving a Porsche is truly an experience. At that point, I got the itch. A few years later, I found myself in a fortunate situation where I was able to consider owning a Porsche myself. I’ll never forget the test drive of the Cayman. Other drivers stopped at intersections and urged me to go first. The car commanded respect unlike anything I had driven before. On my way home from the dealership, I remember driving the 5-series home and it’s sluggish acceleration made me feel like I was in a driving a huge barge in the ocean.

What are your passions?

Family comes first. I have a wonderful wife and two pugs. Lately I’ve been staying busy with work in the IT sector. On the weekends I relax by going for drives on country roads and checking out social media content on YouTube and Instagram.

What modifications do you have on your car?

Soul Performance Products Valved Exhaust System, Soul Performance Products Cayman Long Tube Street Headers, Cobb Accessport with Pro Tune, IPD Competition Plenum with GT3 Throttle Body, and BMC Air Filters.

What led you to SOUL and how do you like your system?

I actually had a different brand’s headers and exhaust on my car. Once of my connections on Instagram made the switch from the headers I had to Soul’s Long Tube Competition Headers and was emphatic about how much better SoulPP’s products were. I decided to check out Soul on my own and was pleased with the responsiveness and knowledge of the sales team. I absolutely love the system— this is how the car should come from the factory! I have the 2.7L Cayman but when people hear it they they it’s a GTS or even a car with an 8-cylinder engine.

Future plans for your car?

 After about two years of ownership and a number of modifications, I feel that I’ve finally got my car to the perfect state. I plan to keep the modifications I have on the car and hopefully put hundreds of thousands of miles on it!