HOW IT’S MADE: 991.2 Carrera Sport Cat Fabrication

We’d like to give you inside look into the fabrication process of our 991.2 Carrera (with PSE) Sport Catalytic Converters.

We start by prepping the individual components – mandrel bent piping is cut to fit into cast templates. 

Next, we weld the caps onto the HJS HD 200 cell catalytic converters – with all welds back purged for full penetration and strength.

Next the flanges are welded on while affixed to aluminum heat sinks to prevent warping. Our 991.2 turbo flanges are water jet cut for extreme precision and perfect fitment.

To prevent movement of the piping during welding, we engineered large heat sinks which prevent any warping. Here is a look at the CAD design of the gauges produced during development.

The Sport Cats are then all TIG welded together in a heavy gauge aluminum fixture. Why aluminum? Although it’s costlier to us it prevents any potential for warping over the life of the fixture – steel can warp over time causing fitment issues in time. This ensures our products fit perfectly ever time. Back purged welds ensure proper penetration and exhaust longevity.

After welding is complete, fitment accuracy is checked with a second set of gauges to ensure tolerances are met.

Our proprietary finish not only looks great but reveals any imperfections such as pinholes in welds – it also allows us to refinish at any time should you want your exhaust parts freshened up.

Last, we do a final inspection for fit and finish then securely pack the cats up with foam packing with hardware, installation guide, and a microfiber towel to wipe any debris off from installation. We use a foam machine to ensure even coverage all around our products to prevent any potential for damage in shipping. It’s time consuming and expensive to pack to this high standard but our mission is to have a perfect product in your hands every time!

Installed and ready to unlock gains in power and sound!

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– Mike Spock / Marketing Manager