BUILD BIBLE: Porsche 987.1 Boxster S – Track Build – Michael F.

Michael Flynn’s 2006 Boxster S

I started the slippery slope of modifying my stock 2006 Boxster S after joining the Porsche Club of America and attending an HPDE track day at Lime Rock Park.  As my instructor took the wheel for our first few laps out of pit lane, a grin slowly spread across my face…that has only grown over the past 4 years.  I quickly realized that if I was going to take my car out on the track, I was going to have to upgrade the safety systems. I started with seats and harnesses and a HANS device. I decided to take on one ‘big’ project a year to upgrade the car: and small projects throughout, starting with the braking system, then the suspension, then the exhaust.  “Rosie” is pretty much where I want her now, but I will be doing an IPD Plenum and ECU flash to finish off this project. One final piece of advice is to get a decent fire suit. If the worst happens, we have to be protected. I have a full fire suit, shoes, gloves, and always wear Nomex socks and a balaclava with a full face Bell helmet-especially when racing with the top down!


  • Soul Performance Products Performance Exhaust – “As I have decibel limits at my home track (Lime Rock) and still drive to and from the track I went with just the catback system.”
  • De-snorkeled Intake / BMC High Performance Air Filter “This is probably the first and easiest upgrade that should be done on a 987.1 Boxster/Cayman. Removing the restrictive stock snorkel and adding a free flow permanent, washable air filter.”
  • Rennline Porsche Center Radiator – “Extra cooling is crucial on those long, hot track days.”
  • TRS Porsche Power Steering Oil Cooler Kit – “After a long weekend at Watkins Glen, my stock power steering lines failed and started to leak. An auxiliary power steering cooler adds a small radiator to provide ample cooling to the stock power steering system that can quickly overheat in racing conditions.”


  • JRZ RS 2 Suspension Upgrade – “Upgraded suspension to the Spec Cayman JRZ suspension.” 
  • Lowered, Corner Balanced, and 4 wheel track alignment by Speedsport Tuning (Danbury, CT) – “Speedsport Tuning set the alignment to ‘aggressive Lime Rock setup’. Their years of competitive racing at LRP provide the perfect setup for my home track.”
  • RSS Rear Adjustable Toe Steer Kit – “The RSS Adjustable Rear Toe Steer Kit is designed for Porsche models that have been lowered. Minimizes the suspension geometry change in the rear. Allows for toe adjustment at the toe steer arm giving the ability to make adjustments independent of the factory eccentric bolts which don’t offer sufficient adjustment. Allows for bump steer adjustment.”
  • Porsche GT3 Brake Booster
  • Porsche GT3 Master Cylinder
  • Stainless steel braided brake line upgrade“A really important upgrade to take full advantage of the new GT3 braking system. Definitley improves pedal feel,”
  • Pagid RS29 pads and Castrol SRF Fluid – “In combination with the GT3 upgrade, the fluid and pad upgrades allow for harder, more precise, and later braking-allowing me to carry more speed into turns.”
  • Sebro Slotted rotors – “When the factory drilled rotors started showing some serious cracks, it was time to upgrade to slotted rotors.”


  • SE Cup 4 Racing wheels 18×8 and 18×10
  • 5 MM wheel spacers
  • Hoosier R7 racing slicks 245/40ZR18, 295/30ZR18
  • Tarret Engineering hardened wheel studs and bolts 


  • Porsche Recaro GT3 Racing Seats
  • Schroth 6 Point Harnesses with arm restraints
  • HANS Sport-2 head and neck restraint


  • Front Fenders Flared – “I flared out the front fenders to allow for wider 265 Pirelli slicks, but normally run Hoosier slicks.”
  • Vivvid 3D carbon fiber wrap, racing stripes and numbers – This was a winter project I did with my 13 year old daughter last winter. We watched a ton of vinyl wrapping videos and got a good heat gun, and just took our time. She got pretty good at the heat gun too!”
  • Amber headlight and fog light vinyl wrap
  • Rennline Folding Tow Hook


  • IPD Plenum and GT3 Throttle Body
  • ECU flash
  • Fire Control System
  • Open trailer – I’d really like to start trailering to the track to be able to carry in my own fuel and tires. Currently Speedsport Tuning takes care of me trackside and transports my tires to and from the track.”
  • Lots of track time! – “After the last year of lots of cancellations, I’m really looking forward to a lot of track time and finally breaking that 1 minute lap time at Lime Rock!”

I’d be remiss without giving a huge thank you to the Connecticut Valley Region of the PCA, and Dave and Susan for getting me involved with the Driver’s Ed program, and allowing me to live out my childhood dreams of driving on the track. And finally, Spencer Cox and all the guys at Speedsport Tuning. When the track bug bit me hard, Spencer was right there at LRP to answer all my questions and to get Rosie started on her way to becoming a track beast. Spencer was integral in telling me what I should do, and what I shouldn’t waste my money on…and just always happened to have that part I needed in a corner of the shop. We tragically lost Spencer to cancer last year, and the guys at Speedsport are doing an amazing job of keeping him alive through the shop….Spencer would be proud boys. Keep up the great work.


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