What project cars lead up to your McLaren ownership?

I had a few Mustang Cobra’s which really sparked my car obsession.  From there, I just felt like I needed something a with a bit more flair.  I bought a Verde Ithaca Lamborghini Gallardo and built that to how I believe the factory should have built it.  It was one of the cleanest ’06 Gallardo’s (in my opinion) out there.  From there, I wanted a car with a bit more precision.  I wanted a car that described me without having to explain why it does.  I’m a super picky, precise, and absolutely a neat freak.  Everything I approach I shoot for absolute perfection.  McLaren fits that mold.  I jumped into my 12C and have been happy since.

What are your passions?

I’m extremely detailed oriented.  I own a high end detailing company and my passion is trying to perfect every square inch of someone’s toy.  I love taking something from what is perfect to most people, to real perfection.  I’m a big tech guru, and also will pretty much drive anything with wheels.  Track days are an avid part of my hobby as well – I’m thankful McLaren PHL has such a great motorsports program in place to let McLaren owners use their cars to the fullest in a safe learning environment.

What lead you to SOUL and how do you like your system?

A new company in the industry built upon customer service and build quality – I instantly related to their pursuit of perfection.  Their attributes and motto fit what I look for.

Future plans for your car?

Possibly a harness bar, racing harnesses, bucket seats, and a new set of wheels for the track.  Other than that, I’m pretty set now that I have the Sport Downpipes – this is what the car should have sounded like from the factory with the increase in turbo noise!

If you could own any car what would it be?

McLaren P1 – I don’t need to say anything further.  Just go look at one!