BUILD BIBLE: 981 Boxster Street Build – Kieran

Kieran’s 981 Boxster Street Build

My name is Kieran and this is my 981 Boxster Stage2+ Street-build. I chose a Boxster over a Cayman purely to show some love to an underappreciated car, especially in the modding/tuning world. I feel like the Cayman overshadows the Boxster and definitely grabs all the attention. It was also an opportunity for me to build something unique and do something that’s a bit out of the box since there aren’t many highly modded Boxsters out there – I feel like mine really stands out and gets the attention it deserves. It’s been a wicked journey so far with TONS of mods, ultimately with an end-goal to create an aggressive street car and I’m 90% of the way there


  • SOUL Competition Headers –No brainer for me, I wanted to make my car as raw as possible giving the most brutal sound and squeeze out as much power possible. I can’t even explain how awesome the sound is from these! Absolutely incredible. No video or sound clip will ever do these headers justice and many of my friends will attest to that. If I were to rebuild my car from scratch again, this would be #1 mod for sure!
  • SOUL Bolt-In X-Pipe with Black Chrome Tips – I feel like this added a much more refined tone to the car whilst also giving that much needed visual upgrade over the stock tips too.
    Since I added this before the competition headers, I was able to distinguish the sound change beforehand and really felt like it made a difference!
  • Porsche Sports Exhaust System – My car came from factory with this PSE which was a must-have option for me when considering what car to buy. If I didn’t have this option I would undoubtedly go for the SOUL Valved system.
  • Custom Stage2 Map – Initially I had a COBB Accessport OTS map for a long time, but since I got the SOUL headers installed, my local garage hooked me up with a custom ECU tune as they are proficient with tuning Porsches here in the UK. They dialed everything in together while doing the fitment of the SOUL headers.
  • Racechip Throttle Response Controller – This was one of those mods I was feeling dubious about for a long time. Upon installation I was instantly blown away. It was such an easy mod to do – just bypassing the accelerator pedal with a brainbox/chip that allows you to have much more control over the throttle. Since the 981 is naturally aspirated and is comparatively low on torque, I feel like having a much more aggressive accelerator pedal really sharpens up the car. In the most aggressive mode ‘R+’ you REALLY feel the difference, and I feel like this is a tiny/easy mod to do that ties the performance of this build together.
  • BMC Performance Air Filters
  • Running 99 Octane Gas (UK) + RoyalPurple Max octane Booster +3 = ~102 Octane



  • JUDD MODEL 2 Wheels – 20×10.5 rear, 20×9 front
  • Pirelli PZeros 265/35/20 rear, 235/35/20 front
  • H&R 15mm Spacers in the rear. With the current setup the fitment is spot on and I didn’t need spacers at the front.


  • GT4 front bumper
  • GT4 rear wing
  • GT4 carbon fiber air intakes
  • GTS rear lights
  • Carbon fiber OEM Porsche steering wheel upgrade
  • Carbon fiber rear ducktail
  • Carbon fiber APR canards (Fixing with GT4 bumper)
  • Techart front splitter
  • Gloss black Maxton Design sideskirts
  • Gloss black Maxton Design rear diffuser
  • Gloss black Porsche 981 logo and repositioned onto rear bumper
  • Gloss black Zunsport full front grille
  • Nardo grey Wrap @Shadeswraps
  • Acid green calipers
  • Acid green custom floor mats
  • Porsche aluminum fuel cap
  • Dark window tint


  • Bucket seats – 100% a must-have for me. I’m currently on the lookout for some bucket seats especially for the benefit of hard-driving & track days but also to make the car more badass! I feel like the build definitely needs some.
  • 6-point harness and custom fabricated harness bar behind seats – I’ll paint this acid green to match the calipers adding those subtle visual cues.
  • Upgraded tires – Michelin PS4S
  • Third radiator – Since I will have the GT4 front bumper in a few weeks I would like to add the central radiator soon after
  • Vorsteiner carbon fiber rear diffuser – I just love the look of this one
  • 981 RS Wing- I might go for the GettyDesign RS wing as it will have a more secure fitting and bigger contact patch with the rear. With all the ongoing & future upgrades this will really finish off the build!

Mainly I will continue to enjoy the car and share my experience with you, please follow my Instagram @AUTOMKY to see the journey progress