REVIEW: SOUL Porsche 996 Turbo Sport X-Pipe Exhaust System

As written by Rennlist member “docwyte”

I’ve been looking for an exhaust for awhile now. I wanted an X pipe design, preferably 3″, that had 200 cell HJS cats and that I could reuse my stock “sport” tips on. In looking around Soul Performance had all my boxes checked. A quick call to John and they were making one for me and had it winging its way over to me the following week.

First impressions, SP (Soul Performance) does a fabulous job packing these! Foam wrapped, comes with nice, detailed instructions with pictures, exhaust nuts/washers, stickers and a micro fiber towel to wipe the exhaust down with as the exhaust has a satin finish and any fingerprints left on it will burn in.

Install impressions! This system went together really smoothly. I didn’t have to modify anything, oval out any holes, play around with positioning, none of that. Even the tips lined up pretty much right away. Super impressed by it, as well as the fact that SP basically provides everything.

Let’s do a cold start….

How about an interior drive?


How about a drive bys?


I think it’s freaking awesome! When you’re on it, it’s rowdy, raucous and rips! There’s a huge power gain, the turbos spool noticeably faster and my traction control was going crazy in the first several gears when it never did before with the stock exhaust. The exhaust in the cabin is noticeable. I’ve got about 100 miles on it now and its burning in and mellowing out some. I expect that to continue. That said, you can carry on a conversation at normal levels, I don’t have to raise my voice at all. You can hear the radio just fine, don’t need to crank it.

The exhaust doesn’t drone but at around 2200 rpm the tone of it is louder. Cruising at closer to 3000 rpm it’s noticeably more quiet in the cabin. Windows down this thing rocks and rolls! On the throttle its a giggle fest, I don’t really get great gas mileage on this thing as it is, I’m sure I’ll be dipping into single digits now for sure!

Conclusion: This exhaust is well made, well packaged and goes onto the car with no hitches. Performance gain is palpable, sound outside the car is amazing. Inside the car the sound level is quite livable, I wouldn’t have a problem road tripping this car to California. With the HJS cats its 100% smog legal, no check engine lights, no stinky exhaust smell. All in all, I’m quite pleased with my purchase and recommend Soul Performance!

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