DEVELOPMENT: Porsche 991.2 Carrera (with PSE) Part 1

We’ve had the pleasure of developing a suite of exhaust components on an absolutely beautiful 991.2 Carrera C4S! This car was shipped to us from South Carolina for the Soul treatment and we’re proud to outfit it with components that accentuate the factory PSE system.

We begin by evaluating and fixturing the stock components:

Stock catalysts: 15.85 lbs
Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE): 22.90 lbs
OEM Tips: 3.2 lbs
Total OEM Exhaust (PSE Equipped) Weight: 41.95 lbs

We evaluated the best way to design a replacement that is easy to install, provides an increase in performance and response while still maintaining emissions readiness with no CEL. HJS HD 200 cell large diameter catalytic converters allows us to deliver on the promise of emissions ready replacement Sport Cats that reduce restrictions after the turbos. This results in an increase in both engine and turbo sound, providing better spool time (not an increase in lag), and more horsepower and torque.

Using the best quality materials available however is only half of the battle. Having the experience and the knowledge on how to correctly fabricate the product to the quality that a 991.2 deserves is often overlooked. We utilize TIG welded joints with a 100% argon gas back purge to ensure that the penetrating weld is contaminate free leading to a stronger and longer lasting weld. Stainless steel is susceptible to contamination from oxygen, water vapor and other gases/vapors that can combine with the metal to form a compound that can compromise the integrity of the weld. When TIG welding stainless steel the outer portion of the weld is shielded by the flow of argon gas through the tip of the welder however the penetrating weld is not. We back purge the inside portion of the weld to ensure that it is thoroughly shielded from all angles and will not be contaminated.

Key points when back purging can be seen in the photo below. A key point when purging with Argon is that it is heavier than air. You start with the introduction of the Argon at the bottom or base of the product you are welding at a steady pressure. As the Argon fills the space at a steady pace it will replace the oxygen and continue to fill upwards towards the top of the piece. A small vent hole (seen in the painter’s tape) allows the oxygen to escape and a pure and steady flow of argon to replace it. It is important to be sure that the piece you are welding is fully sealed with the exception of the small vent hole.

It is this knowledge an expertise that allow us to back our Sport Cats with a Lifetime Warranty – and industry leading 3 year coverage on the HJS catalysts themselves.

We could not curb our curiosity of what a 991.2 C4S would sound like with a true straight pipe exhaust and we thought you would be equally as curious. Using 3” mandrel bent tubing straight out of the turbo to the rear of the car and fitting single wall turn downs, this exhaust system is ferocious sounding! We wanted to keep the design simple to withstand abuse, be easily reversible for quickly swapping out after track days, and back it with our Lifetime Warranty.

For those that love the sound of the Porsche Sport Exhaust but want to change the style of their exhaust tips, we crafted an easy to install solution to increase aesthetics while retaining the stock PSE system!

Choose from a wide range of options: Single Wall Straight Cut, Single Wall Slash Cut, Deluxe Double Wall, and even Turn Down Tips for the track oriented car. Change the look of your car in minutes by simply removing the factory tips then tightening the t-bolt clamps on the Soul tips. We utilize t-bolt clamps to provide adequate clamping forces around the entire exhaust pipe. Each tip comes with an internal ring which allows for play so that you can line the tips up perfectly in the bumper. The PSE system allows for around half an inch of play in tip depth.

Slash Cut Single Wall Tips – $395 – 1.95 lbs / 3.5” L / 3.5” OD
Straight Cut Single Wall Tips – $395 – 2.3 lbs / 3.75” L / 3.5” OD
Deluxe Dual Wall Tips – $445 – 3.2 lbs / 3.75” L / 3.5” OD
Turn Down Tips – $195 – 1.85 lbs / 2.5” OD
OEM PSE Tips: 3.2 lbs


In part 2 we cover our Sport Catalytic Converters and Cat Bypass Pipes