SOUL Performance Specialist, John G, Becomes PCA National Instructor

SOUL would like to congratulate our Performance Specialist, John Gaydos, for achieving his goal of becoming a PCA National Instructor.

“This is a huge check off my bucket list. Instructing has always been a huge passion of mine, starting in Philly Region SCCA’s AutoX program and then working with friends, colleagues, and clients at private track days over the years. When I joined the PCA, passing their instructor training program was a major priority and I finally gained the opportunity after spending quite some time with Suncoast Region at Sebring. The weekend of 11/16-11/18 I flew back down to Florida and went through Suncoast’s instructor training program. It was a two day program, very stringent and superbly run by experienced and quality mentors. My primary mentor Frank Chaney happened to be the latest inductee into Suncoast PCA’s DE Hall of Fame, and it was an invaluable and rare opportunity to work with one of the best in the program. I am happy to say I passed with flying colors, to the point I was given my first official student the very next day. It was without a doubt one of the most rewarding weekends I have ever had, and I am thrilled to join the ranks of PCA Instructors and start giving back to the Porsche community I’ve come to love and value so much.”

John can now not only assist you with  optimizing your vehicle, but he can help you optimize your capabilities with them as well. He would like nothing more than to do both – reach out to him at any time!

  John Gaydos / Performance Specialist – Direct Line: 267-818-3208