TECH TALK: Glass Ceramic Coating

Did you know that ceramic coating isn’t only for your car’s paint? Ceramic technology can be applied in many ways. Coating your vehicle’s glass can offer increased visibility, better water shedding performance, and can make it easier to remove bugs from your windshield. Follow along as Menard Premium Detailing ceramic coats a windshield at our facility.

Let’s get things clean with a deep cleaner and specialty purpose mild abrasive cleaning pad.
Light imperfects are polished out with a foam pad, leaving no swirls, only a smooth surface free of contaminants and prime for coating.
The first layer of ceramic coating applied lightly by hand.
Consecutive layers are added around every 15 minutes to ensure maximum coverage and application as all pores of the glass are filled and the product builds. Yes, your glass has pores! By sealing the micro-imperfections and creating a smoother finish you increase the visibility and “slickness.”
After the last coat a light hand polishing leaving a crystal clear glass finish!
There is no doubt about the performance of this coating once you experience it for yourself! Enjoy increased clarity and performance from your windows.

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– Mike Spock / Marketing Manager