TECH TALK: Jet-Hot Ceramic Coating

We’re proud to be partnered with a top quality ceramic coater – Jet-Hot High Performance Coatings! We ceramic coat several of our exhaust components as it results in a better product for you – and you have the option of custom coatings any time you desire! Let’s dive in to what ceramic coating is and how it’s beneficial. 


In 1981 Jet-Hot pioneered their Classic Polish Ceramic Coating. Back then, it was cutting-edge technology. Today, they are still the industry’s leading ceramic coating company. They stand by each and every coating with a lifetime guarantee. Not all coatings are the same quality – almost 30% of the parts they receive are requests to re-coat after other coatings have failed. Their Lifetime Warranty and commitment to quality sets their company ideals in line with ours.

Classic Polish Extreme 1300 coated tips


IMPROVED EFFICIENCY – retaining heat in the exhaust maintains exhaust velocity of the gasses ultimately improving efficiency and power. If you’re chasing maximum power, the fastest quarter mile, or the pass on the left every little bit matters. The effectiveness of the catalytic converter is also improved, allowing it to reduce your vehicle’s emissions, which is better for the environment and you can feel good about that!

PROTECTS OTHER PARTS – protects vulnerable plastic and electronic parts that weren’t meant to endure the increased heat levels produced by modified vehicles as a result of increased power. Some aftermarket exhaust products forgo crucial heat shielding that was in place from the factory as well. Extreme 1300 Classic Polish coating withstands temperatures up to 1250°F and reduces surrounding temperatures by up to 65%! 

RESISTANCE TO CORROSION – ceramic is a highly durable substance that resists corrosion. It helps stainless steel resist rusting and tarnishing which is especially helpful for vehicles driven in winter conditions where salt can quickly attack everything. 

Real world examples:

  • GT3 side muffler bypass pipes where heat coming off of the pipes can also increase the temperature of the rear tires – not what you want on track! 
  • The McLaren 720S can produce enough heat from the factory to discolor / burn the tip outlet surrounds – which is why we ceramic coat the tips on our Competition Exhaust.
  • Early 911 Turbo models are known for having their engine mounts wear and allow for excessive play of the engine and exhaust. Coating the tips can prevent burning the bumper on contact during hard driving. 
Soul Performance Products McLaren 570S Sport Exhaust - Product
SOUL McLaren 720S Sport Exhaust with Extreme 1300 coating with black topcoat


On most applications, both the exterior and interior of the components are coated to effectively lock heat in. Color top coats are available to make your part look as desired. Jet-Hot can also do custom logos in separate colors for a truly unique finish on your SOUL exhaust tips – like these 991.2 Carera Bolt-On Tips below. Jet-Hot’s proprietary coating process can only be done at their facilities.

Jet-Hot provides custom quoting which allows us to let you know exactly what to expect as far as pricing. Any components from SOUL are prepped prior to shipping out to Jet-Hot for whichever coating is to be applied. From there it can take 2-4 weeks for your components to be shipped to you depending on the complexity of the customization.

Thank you for reading! We can coat any of our components should you want to customize your exhaust or tips – just contact us or click below to discuss options and pricing.


Questions? Comments? Let us know!

– Mike Spock / Marketing Manager