SOUL 987.1 Competition Headers Exclusive Spec Cayman Legal Upgrade

SOUL was approached by key members of PCA Club Racing to provide a solution to the constant failures of the 987.1 Spec Cayman series (SPC) factory headers. They were constantly cracking and blowing out the cat core, costing series participants track time, points, time, money, and frustration. SOUL Competition Headers are now the exclusive, class legal 987.1 Spec Cayman header replacement with a Lifetime Warranty for track use.

Section I of SPC Class Rules 2020, Engine section: Exhaust System. Exhaust manifolds must remain stock or may be the Soul header (P/N POR.9871.COH) may be
substituted. The tailpipe beyond the manifold assembly flange is free as long as the twin exhausts emerge in the stock
location at the rear. Modifications can be made to exhaust sensors to prevent a check engine light from coming on as a
result of exhaust changes. The required stock exhaust manifold (headers) may be externally wrapped.
We have sets ready to ship when you’re ready for more performance from 987.1!

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– Mike Spock / Marketing Manager