SOUL Sponsors PCA Club Racing 2020

SOUL is proud to officially be a PCA Club Racing sponsor for 2020! Our involvement in the Porsche community has been steadily growing and we look forward to investing more of our time and effort this coming race season.

Locally we attend most every Riesentoter PCA event, such as charity Phil-A-Frunk. John helps with instructing at every RTR track day. John has joined RTR’s board to run their Street Survival Teen Driving program and Adult Car Control Clinics. We also sponsor the massive PCA Swap Meet in Hershey, PA every year. Nationally we’ve attended a multitude of PCA Club Races, most recently the NJMP Club Race as an event sponsor. John has also flown down to Sebring to help train PCA Instructor Candidates for Suncoast region PCA. We also travel to events as a PCA sponsor such as Porsche Parade.

SOUL BOXSTER / CAYMAN COMPETITION EXHAUSTS A multitude of race shops supporting PCA club racers approached us to build catback race systems for the Boxster / Cayman platform as it has become apparent there are struggles with reliability, availability, and customer support of factory and various aftermarket exhaust systems alike under hard track abuse. We’ve spent the past several months collaborating with key players in the PCA Club Racing community to dedicate research and development to the 986 / 987.1 / 987.2 / 981 / 718 platform. Our goal is to create lightweight, robust, cost-effective exhaust components for these vehicles that are readily available, perform well, and are built to last. Everything we build is backed by our renowned Lifetime Warranty which includes track use and a no excuses, no BS customer service policy. 

To all racers – good luck in 2020 and we hope to meet you at or on the track!

Intending to race this season? Have any questions about power adders and braking, cooling, or suspension setups? We’re standing by to help with expert advice founded through first hand experience in the shop, on the track, and through our extensive relationship with shops and racers!

Questions? Comments? Let us know!

– Mike Spock / Marketing Manager