BUILD BIBLE: Porsche 981 Cayman S – Street / Track Build – Calvin Y.

Calvin Yeh’s 2014 981 Cayman S


  • Soul Performance Products Performance Exhaust – “I chose the Soul Performance exhaust because of the amazing quality of the welds and construction. I’ve researched and watched many videos and the sound, and lack of drone from this exhaust sealed the deal. The customer service is by far one of the best experiences I’ve had with any aftermarket parts company!”
  • COBB Accessport Tuner – “Coming from a JDM tuner background, I have had years of great experience with COBB Accessports and the tuning potential. The car is currently protuned by BGB Motorsports. It gives me the flexibility of adjusting the map specific to my car for current and future mods.”
  • aFe Magnum FLOW Pro DRY S Air Filters
  • LN Engineering Billet Magnetic Drain Plug
  • Running 93 Octane Gas


  • JRZ RS Two Coilovers
  • Swift Springs 11k/13k
  • Tarett Engineering Front Droplinks and Coilover Brackets
  • Tarett Engineering Rear Droplinks
  • Tarett Engineering Rear Adjustable Toe Arms
  • Tarett Engineering Front Camber Plates
  • Tarett Engineering Rear Upper Shock Mounts
  • OEM 991 GT3 Front Sway Bar
  • Tarett Engineering Rear Sway Bar
  • Custom track alignment

“Initially, I didn’t have any immediate plans to do any modifications until I had a few autocross events done with the car in stock form. I ended up with only one autocross completed before I found a guy parting out his 981 track build. I already had a full spreadsheet worth of parts I wanted to get, and funny enough, this guy’s suspension set up with literally the same exact set up I had planned on getting. I spoke to him and ended up getting a super good deal on the suspension parts, so I couldn’t pass it up. I’m sure you guys know how it is when you see a bunch of parts sitting there and you get really anxious and impatient to put them on. Well, it’s been all downhill from there with the mod bug! The car feels great when autocrossing and on track. The suspension modifications really take this platform to the next level, especially with the extremely grippy Yokohama Advan A052 tires.”


  • BC Forged RZ05 18×9 +50, 18×10.5 +35
  • Yokohama Advan A052 255/40/18, 275/40/18
  • Motorsport Hardware wheel studs


  • Raceseng Circuit Cylinder 100 Shift Knob
  • OEM Sport Design Steering Wheel and multifunction delete retrofit


  • OEM Clear Side Markers
  • Full tailgate debadged
  • BRS Billet Rear Jackpoint


  • Soul Performance Products Competition Headers
  • IPD Intake Plenum and OEM GT3 TB
  • Getty Design Rear Wing
  • OEM GT4 Front Bumper Conversion
  • Pagid RS29 Brake Pads
  • Motul RBF600
  • CSF Racing Triple Radiators
  • OSGiken Super Lock LSD
  • Tarett Engineering F/R LCAs
  • Verus Engineering GT4 front aero kit, flat underbody panels, and rear diffuser
  • Sparco Race Bucket Seats and harnesses
  • BBI Rollbar
  • More seat time!