Porsche 981 Boxster / Cayman SOUL Valved Exhaust System


Porsche fits a restrictive and bulky exhaust system onto the 981 Cayman / Boxster, robbing it of its natural power and sound. By reducing weight and implementing a valve system that offers a true night and day difference, you will instantly gain the response, character and sound that your car deserves. While in quiet mode with the valves closed you will have a refined, sporty sound with no drone and retain the ability to quietly enter and exit your neighborhood without annoying those around you thanks to the high quality mufflers. Unlock the valves and you’ll be ready to turn off the radio, roll down the windows and hit your favorite back roads or go hard at the track.

+  Fits all Porsche 981 Cayman / Boxster vehicles (2013-2016)
+  Direct bolt on installation – instructions included
+  Choose from a variety of tip styles and finishes  – or customize your own!
+  Valve controller kit included – necessary for cars without PSE and optional for cars with PSE to provide manual valve override
+  All Soul Performance Products components are backed by a renowned Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use

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DEVELOPMENT:  We wanted to be certain that our system offered a superior spectrum of sound – Cup car inspired with valves open but with a refined, no droning tone with valves closed. The SOUL mufflers practically eliminate droning – even with aftermarket headers the sound is reserved in the cabin with valves closed!

CONSTRUCTION:  Each system is made from mandrel bent T304L stainless steel tubing (featuring 2.5″ OD over axle pipes) and features mufflers with fortified casings in the interest of durability. With valves closed the exhaust gasses are routed into the SOUL muffler, which is packed with high quality sound deadening material designed to withstand abuse and not blow out over time. The mufflers are incredibly effective at minimizing drone. Exhaust gasses make their way through the muffler and out through perforations into the outer piping. With valves open, exhaust gasses are now free to exit out through large 2.5″ piping while perforations allow exhaust gasses to “talk” with the muffler, encouraging a fuller, more robust tone.

TIPS:  Choose from several different tip styles and finishes – from single wall 321 stainless tips to double wall chrome tips. Logo customization and custom tip colors are available by request. Titanium single wall tips are also available and save nearly a pound of weight over stainless steel tips!

BOLT ON AND GO:  Each exhaust is rigorously quality-checked and tested in a fixture to ensure perfect fitment. Thorough installation instructions are included in the box for a straightforward install that can be performed by most DIY enthusiasts. Valves are controlled by the existing PSE button, our valve controller fobs, and are compatible with HomeLink!

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust components with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered by our Lifetime Warranty! Our team will quickly work with you to resolve any issues or answer any questions that you may have.


  1. Cole Hager

    I drive a 2016 Porsche Cayman S. I have always been heavy into modifying everything I own, The Cayman is no exception. Immediately I was intoxicated with the sound of the PSE exhaust from the factory yet I knew that would not last long. Within 2 months of having the car I ordered Fabspeed Catless Headers. Installing these was nothing short of “frustrating”. Nothing seemed to fit and align like factory. I ended up having to create my own thin socket on the lathe in order to reach several bolts into the head. a 5″ bolt and nut was required to force alignment of the fabspeed kit to the factory PSE. When it was finally done…It sounded incredible. So loud and So aggressive. I was hooked. Dyno numbers for this system on a mustang dyno were 315 Whp and 275 tq with other supporting mods and CB tuning/ Euro Dynamics Tune. I drove the car like this for several months.

    Fast forward to April, I was contacted by Soul Performance and propositioned with replacing my current exhaust system for their full LONG TUBE headers and valved exhuast. I was happy with my set up so why would I change? Well I was intrigued by the idea of more exhaust allowing for some more usable power. Also upon seeing their product and quality control I knew they were going to be a serious contender to the market. I wanted in and agreed. I dropped my car off for less than a week while they test fit and installed the exhaust. I didn’t expect much in terms of sound nor power pick up being i already had a full catless set up….I was BLOWN AWAY when i picked the 3.4 Cayman up. It sounded like a GT3, like a Porsche should sound! Power, Respect, and Deep noted. I fell in love all over again. I could not stop manual shifting the car just to hear the backfires and gurgles. I took the long way home that day.

    Several days later on the same exact tune, at the same shop as before, and almost identical weather aside from a few degrees hotter (78 vs 69 the last test) I dyno’d the car once again. 326 whp and 287 tq!!! from an exhaust change. Those gains are no joke and it is felt through out the entire rev range. If I was purchasing an exhaust for a Porsche again. I would not look anywhere else but Soul Performance. I went in not expecting much and left with an exceedingly good experience. The finish resembles titanium, and the badass sound have gotten me nothing but compliments and thumbs up everywhere I go. Please see photos and video for an idea of sound but these do not even do justice. I Highly Recommend SOUL PERFORMANCE.

  2. Jay Selmi

    It’s exactly what I was hoping for. Rather similar to stock (like a better version of stock) with valves closed which keeps my HOA happy but the valves open sound is insanely awesome. Your headers are on my Christmas list, thanks very much guys

  3. Martin

    The one thing disappointing about my 2015 Cayman S was the lack of exhaust note. After considerable research I decide to opt for the Soul Performance cat back system with valve controller (I didn’t have PSEicon), slashed single wall tips. The exhaust was on my doorstep in 3 days and next day on my Cayman. I’m relatively handy with a spanner so decided to self-install, extracting the Porsche exhaust was easy, didn’t even need to remove the rear wheels. Just reversed onto the ramp and 2 hours later the new SSP pipes were on; fitted perfectly, sections just slid together and bolted up beautifully. The install instructions were plain and simple and Porsche engineering is second to none – eight bolts and your done..

    Connecting into the vacuum and electrics were a little more involved, mostly it was time taken getting to the engine bay! Once in though the SPP install instructions were very clear and involved little-to-no real cutting in and no actual irreversible modification at all (so if I ever sell and need to return to stock – no issues).

    Best thing though is the pipes and tips look great and that awesome sound; growls at low rev, pops & barks on overrun and roars at high revs. If you don’t want to annoy your neighbors at 5am leaving for work just hit the button and close the valves, to get a sound a couple of notches better than the stock exhaust. I have a 130 mile round trip commute and enjoy every mile now that little bit more. Best of both worlds! Guys at SPP also give me a tip – program the “my link garage buttons” with the valve remote – took 2 mins and now I don’t need the remote fob.

    Great quality product, great service from the team at SPP and a simple DIY install.

    Valves open from here on – now my Cayman S sings.

  4. Sanduh

    After two months of listening to every exhaust clips for the 981 Boxster S, I found one. I was looking for a cup car/F1 with a balance of the natural flat six sound. There were three exhaust in this category, all being valved. Soul Performance was offering a great deal and the icing on the cake was the remote can be programmed to homelink (have yet to try). I wanted the control to be integrated but don’t want to go through the trouble of installing the PSE button.

    Review: Day 1, 2 Hour drive (rush hour, city and highway mixed)

    Aesthetics: The exhaust looks great. The finish is unique and matches the satin platinum wheels very well. Being the nature of the exhaust, I went with an angled single wall tip for a more aftermarket look. Love the “Soul” logo etched on the tips.

    Startup: A nice roar on start up. It’s slightly louder than stock but not obnoxious. I have to test to see does it default to open/close or previous to tell if there’s a difference between start with valve open/close.

    Valves Closed: Its near stock quite under 2K cruising, which I wanted. I can slip in and out of the neighborhood easily. Driving around town is doable when as long as your easy on the throttle. Under load it’s louder than stock. I like it but gotta test it with the wife. It’s manageable though since I’m easy on the throttle in town. Need more drive time to see how it us in the upper RPM.

    Valves Open: It’s monstrously loud. A little louder than I expected, but pleasant given that its very tamed with the valved closed. Under 3K, it has a deep roar similar to other exhaust. Right at 4K is where magic happens. The flat six sings at this range and above. Hard acceleration from 4 to 7 is harmonious. There are burbles when letting off but not excessive.

    Con: I wasn’t found of the remote label being lock/unlock. Though I knew this before buying it. I’m intending to program the homelink for the valve operations so I won’t need the remote. It’s a lot cheaper than to install the PSE button. Also because the remote does not stay illuminated (not designed to), sometimes I can’t tell if it register when pressed (like the PSE button). Though the exhaust note will let you know.

    Overall: Love it. I wanted an exhaust with the best of both world. I was afraid of picking one that’s too loud for driving through neighborhood and around town but too quiet for spirited driving. The note with the valve open above 4K is well worth the exhaust.

  5. Christopher Neuman

    John and company at SOUL Performance Products offer the greatest sounding exhaust system I’ve ever heard on a 981 Cayman. My system was so easy to install and the convenience of being able to open and shut the valves to change the characteristic of my Cayman with the push of a button is brilliant. Highly recommended!

  6. David Ballister

    I wanted a step up from my pse without the noise level being obnoxious (my loud muscle car days are behind me) and these guys did a fine job. Nice clean tone and perfectly reasonable in the cabin and my wife doesn’t complain

  7. DFW

    I installed the Soul Valvetronic exhaust on my 981 this weekend. It sounds incredible! The sound is intoxicating, I love it.
    If you’re the penurious sort … don’t buy it. Your gas mileage will plummet, because your foot will always be deep into the gas in order to hear the symphony that has now become your exhaust. Previous to this, I had a Borla Exhaust which was inspirational on track, but I didn’t want to be “always on” around town.

  8. Steve Goodwin

    I just installed the Soul Performance Valvetronic exhaust system on my 2014 981 Cayman S this past weekend and have been out on the road a few times since. The exhaust is everything I was hoping for. I was worried that it might be a little to loud for this particular type car, its not, but perfect! The exhaust opens up to a nice crackle when the PDK is shifting hard thru the gears especially when down shifting. My car already had the sport exhaust option on it so hooking up the vacuum lines was simple were as I just had to connect them to the existing lines. So I guess the question to me from those Porsche owners out there trying to decide whether or not to spend the money for this new sport exhaust system is would I do it again? You bet I would!!!

  9. Cyclman (Rennlist)

    Two things I was still unsatisfied with, the flat engine sound and dull Bose sound system. Chose Soul Performance valved exhaust- beautiful H6 burbles and bass in street mode, pure roaring hooliganism in track mode, which I expect I won’t use terribly often, but nice to be able to scare mere mortals with a button then an accelerator push. Absolutely thrilled with the cat back, so glad I got the valved version, will be using mostly street mode. Now my H6 sounds as good as it goes. Quality fantastic. Dave at Soul was super helpful. May be my favorite 981 upgrade!

  10. Mike Spock

    I picked up my 981 Boxster S without PSE. The sound from the factory is so tame it’s disappointing – the intake sound is louder than the exhaust! This car would also be used by my partner who does not prefer a loud exhaust – her loss. The SOUL VES offers an incredible upgrade in tone and volume with valves open. Necks will snap as everyone turns to hear (arguably) the best exhaust note you can get under $100k. It’s loud without being obnoxious. Paired with upgraded air filters you’ll be treated to a high pitched distinctly Porsche wail above 5,000 RPM. Burbles and pops in Sport and Sport Plus mode just add to the enjoyment. PDK shifts offer an awesome “pong” sound on upshifts and downshifts sound like a chainsaw – so good. I can’t emphasis enough just how much of a pleasurable experience driving this car is now and everyone who rides in the car immediately lusts for flat six machine of their own. When you need to slip into the driveway or make a phone call, simply close the valves and you’re in stealth mode. Valves closed mode is slightly louder than the factory non-valved exhaust but offers much more tone without an increase in volume. If you need to be in valves closed mode you’re still going to enjoy it more than the factory exhaust. Yes, if you’re lugging it in 7th gear with PDK there will be a bit of a hum but having experience with many exhaust configurations it’s unavoidable with an aftermarket system. You can’t argue with the price for what you get – a total tonal personality change from your car and a lifetime warranty. Don’t wait to experience greatness, get it now!

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