Porsche 987.2 Boxster / Cayman SOUL Long Tube Street Headers


Soul Performance Products Long Tube Street Headers are built around large diameter, free flowing HJS HD 200-cell catalytic converters with long tube runners for maximum gains in power, throttle response, and flat-six engine tone. Add performance without throwing a check engine light!

+  Fits all Porsche 987.2 Cayman / Boxster vehicles (2009-2012)
+  Max gains of 8 whp and 11 ft-lbs of torque at 4,100 RPM when paired with our Valved Exhaust as tested on a Cayman S
+  Added performance without a check engine light
+  Weighs 1.8 lbs  / 1.5 kg less than factory headers (26.25 lbs vs 24.45 lbs)
+  Direct bolt on installation – instructions included
+  All Soul Performance Products components are backed by a renowned Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use

Porsche 987.2 Boxster / Cayman OEM Header Gasket Set

Optional genuine OEM replacement gaskets to replace your old or worn gaskets.

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DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING:  By creating a unique application for the 987.2 platform, we’ve focused on sizing the runners (2”) and collectors correctly to extract maximum power from the 3.4L engine while producing great gains from the 2.9L as well. During dyno testing on a Dynojet, we experienced max gains of 7 whp and 8 ft-lbs of torque at 4,100 RPM when paired with our Valved Exhaust on the SOUL project Cayman S with PDK.

CONSTRUCTION:  Each header is assembled out of T304L stainless steel and rigorously quality checked in-house. Proven design elements including port matched flanges, smooth radius primary tubing, and collectors that optimize the exhaust flow all work in conjunction to maximize power gains.

HJS CATALYSTS:  The highest quality catalytic converters available, known for their industry leading flow and durability. They are efficient enough to meet strict EURO 4 emission standards while still allowing for an increase in flow – all without a check engine light. The HD design uses premium triple foil winding for maximum strength. The brazing stripe is an extra feature in the interest of durability – it prevents the core from moving or experiencing any damage from sustained high horsepower abuse. We use a large and appropriately sized catalyst to allow for maximum gains – no compromises here!

BOLT ON AND GO:  Each set of headers is tested in a fixture to ensure perfect fitment and then foam packed to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.. Thorough installation instructions are included in the box for a straightforward install that can be performed by most DIY enthusiasts. New high grade hardware is included for header to exhaust flanges. 

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust components with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered for life! Our team will quickly work with you to resolve any issues or answer any questions that you may have. We cover our HJS catalytic converters with an unprecedented 3 year warranty while the headers themselves are backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

This product is not CARB certified and may not be legal for use on emissions controlled vehicles; intended for off road use only


  1. olegd

    Those of us who drive 987.2 Caymans and Boxsters know that these cars are way too quiet and lack some of that growl that Porsches are known for.
    So it has been a goal of mine to try and address this shortcoming in my 2010 Cayman Base.

    I initially upgraded the catback exhaust with Carnewal GT modded Cayman R mufflers (by Cantrell). There was improvement in sound as a result but not as much as I was hoping for. I even contacted Gert Carnewal himself who advised to upgrade the tailpipe with a double T type, which I did, but again I was somewhat disappointed with the soundtrack. Upon discovering that 987.2 headers were a serious bottleneck to exhaust flow due to less than optimal design and having two cats in each manifold, I decided to replace them with something better. After much research and deliberation, I settled on Soul Long Tube Street Headers. The reasons I chose them are: a) High flow HJS 200-cell cats = proven performance and quality and no CEL b) Lifetime warranty (which covers track use too!) c) Excellent customer service – all my questions were answered promptly. Not too mention good feedback from other drivers and these headers look so damn good!

    Installation went smoothly without issues with any of the bolts, which was my main concern. Instructions provided are excellent with clear photos showing each step. I had a mechanic do the work while I watched. While the job is a good candidate for DYI, I would not recommend it unless you have access to a hoist. I haven’t done much driving since the install. But my initial impressions are good, car seems to pull better especially at higher RPM.

  2. Abe Evrens (Rennlist)

    So finally got them installed this am w/ BMC air filter and picked up the car and ripped down the DVP in Toronto …. impressions… If I didn’t have a board meeting at 5 PM I would still be driving …
    11′ Cayman S (987,2) 6 SPD

    1. Noticeably more responsive especially in the low end 4,000 rpm and up – the car is “alive” by comparison to the stock experience.
    2. Less lag than before … the car could do so much better but held back …
    3. Engine notes slightly louder when you push down on the pedal but not a material change – tips might add a bit more bang but not fussed I was ok with stock.
    4. Smoother experience across the RPM band …less “dead spots” just more fluid
    5. Butt Dyno says a “noticeable improvement” over stock hands down even at higher RPM in 4th or 5th gear more responsive !
    6. No “check engine light” to be found – so far so good …

    Next step is to drive for a day or so get acquainted with the car and then install the Softronic tune so I can appreciate the “incremental” benefits in power from each step and assess accordingly.
    I am told once the tune goes in – its another car entirely. So far – one very happy client …

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