Porsche 991.2 Carrera (with PSE) Cat Bypass Pipes


Soul Performance Products Cat Bypass Pipes replace the restrictive factory catalysts with free flowing straight pipes to unlock an invigorating increase in turbo sound, engine note, and throttle response. Revel in the new sensation of sounds as the turbos sing and exhaust crackles on deceleration while enjoying the extra kick of 20 wheel horsepower.

+  Fits all Porsche 991.2 Carrera vehicles with Porsche Sport Exhaust / PSE (2017-2019)
+  Max gains of 20 whp and 21 ft-lbs of torque at 5,800 RPM as tested on a 2017 Carrera 4S with no other mods
+  Weighs 8.1 lbs  / 3.7 kg less than factory exhaust components (16 lbs vs 7.9 lbs)
+  Direct bolt on installation – hardware and instructions included
+  Retains use of factory turbo heat shields
+  All Soul Performance Products components are backed by a renowned Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use

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DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING:  We selected 3″ diameter piping to maximize exhaust flow and the sound of the turbos spooling – and oh do you hear them now.  We designed our Cat Bypass Pipes to have a straight through exhaust path with valves open in pursuit of maximum exhaust flow and power – if you’re deleting catalysts that is surely your focus! We’ve positioned the secondary tube into the Porsche Sport Exhaust where it is to keep the valves closed tone civil and refined while still receiving ample exhaust flow. It was also important that we retain use of the factory heat shields as to not heat soak the components around the turbos.

POWER:  We approached AWE Tuning about testing our development car at their state of the R&D facility for third party dyno results. We experienced max gains of 20 whp and 21 ft-lbs of torque at 5,800 RPM as tested on a 2017 Carrera 4S with no other mods. Peak power was up by 10 whp and 14 ft-lbs. BoostAddict upped power in their Carrera from a baseline of 344 whp and 326 ft-lbs of torque to 455 whp and 448 lb-ft of torque with our Cat Bypass Pipes and race gas tune.

CONSTRUCTION:  Each set is assembled out of thick wall .065″ T304L stainless steel and rigorously quality checked in-house. Smooth mandrel bends and thick flanges ensure product longevity.

BOLT ON AND GO:  Each product is tested in a fixture to ensure perfect fitment then foam packed to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Thorough installation instructions are included in the box for a straightforward install that can be performed by most DIY enthusiasts.

CHECK ENGINE LIGHT?:  This product may trigger a check engine light due to removal of factory catalytic converters. O2 Spacers are available to reduce any chances of triggering a CEL. We suggest a custom ECU tune to disable any check engine lights (for track use only).

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust components with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered by our Lifetime Warranty! Our team will quickly work with you to resolve any questions or issues that you may have.

+  This product is not CARB certified and may not be legal for use on emissions controlled vehicles; intended for off road / competition use only due to removal of factory catalytic converters
+  United States based customers purchasing this product are required to sign our Catless Exhaust Component Waiver here.


  1. SeeForce (Rennlist)

    I had my morally reprehensible cat bypass pipes installed today. With the PSE open, the car brings out my inner hooligan and my initial impression is that i love it. with exhaust closed, sound isnt much different that stock. Also, Ive only driven 15 miles, but no CELs. fingers crossed.

  2. 911. (Rennlist)

    I did my catless Soul downpipes a month or so ago and its amazin, also have PSE, and the car is perfect in Sport/Sport+ in terms of overall sound/bark. The turbos are constantly whistling which really adds to the theater. There is slight drone in the 2100-2350 ish give or take 100 RPM in any of the sport modes. If you are cruising just keep it a gear higher or lower to stay out of that range.

    I am super happy with the sound, it sounds like a 4 or 5 liter TT now sorta to me.

  3. PCA1983 (Rennlist)

    I did catless pipes, and they are an awesome upgrade.
    Sound is now terrific with PSE turned on.
    And HP went up 20 Hp on a Mustang dyno, to 470 Hp on my C2S X51, while spool-up is a bit quicker.
    It’s a very cost effective upgrade!

  4. Efrain Irizarry


    I just put these on. I have Kline headers and BMC filter and Cobb.

    All I have to say is WOW!

    The crackles and pops are HUGE!

    It’s a beast in sports mode but refined and sophisticated with PSE off and in normal mode… so the neighbors can’t even tell that the hooligan down the street is home!

    John B. Is the man!

    Soul has my soul.

    I used to have 200 cell cats…… but this is delicious!!!!

  5. Kelvin

    Catless downpipes is always my first item to get for my turbo cars. First time experienced SOUL, quality and fitment is great.

    Definitely recommended.

  6. Jesse_911T (Rennlist)

    So I installed my Tune a few weeks back, then the Soul Bypass and BMC filter 2 weekends ago and now after a hard canyon drive last weekend I’m ready to share my feedback. I did have a pretty amazing canyon drive with the tune only before I got the bypass in so have some good experience with tune only too. Since this thread is about the Softronic Tune, my focus will be there.

    First off – shout out to Soul Performance and John! They make a top quality product and have top quality customer service. John was very helpful all the way through the process, including installs. I can honestly say I’ve never had such great service from similar companies. Also thanks to Scott for also being available and helpful through the tuning install and pre buy inquiries.

    Comments on the Soul Cat Bypass – The Tune definitely comes alive or is more fully realized after the filter was added and cats removed. The car really breaths now!…I mean literally you can hear the turbos very loud and clear, even at idle in Sport! Much more responsive throttle and sound is incredible. Maybe a little too loud for the faint of heart. I’ll post more on another thread.

    Tune Install – I bought this so I could do it myself, so no complaints with having to. The MyGenius is really easy to use, however comes with no instructions and none on how to load the file info from your car. However, John was willing to walk me through it on a Sun afternoon over phone.
    It’s pretty simple, here are the steps:
    1. Load MyGenius PC software
    2. Update the software
    3. Plug in and update the software on the MyGenius
    4. Then plug into car OBDII, turn the key and go to “Work” and “Get File Information” I believe.
    5. Then upload file to PC and email to Softronic.
    6. Scott will build your new file from the original binary and email you back (within about 2 days).
    7. Load that Tune File to your MyGenius.
    8. Plug into car, go to “work” and flash the new file. Takes about 30min. Follow screen prompt instrucitons.
    9. Your old original file will now also be stored on the MyGenius.

    There was a slight issue with the first flash where the tune wasn’t “on” in Sport modes. Scott found the issue within a few hrs and sent me an updated file that worked flawlessly. From this he was able to actually then build me the inverse where the Tune is only “on” in the Sport and Sport+ modes. So in Normal mode it runs similar to OEM. I believe APR does this too. I actually prefer this so I can flip to Normal and experience the car as it was in OEM state and drive a slower car fast as well as appreciate how much difference the tune makes.

    Tune Performance:
    So I absolutely love the tune. Worth every penny IMO. It feels like a totally different car. To the point where I should disclaim here. If you do not want or know how to drive a very fast, high torque and acceleration car, then don’t get this tune. I was worried about the turbo lag, but honestly there isn’t much or any there. I would call it more of a delayed throttle response, which was mostly solved with the cat delete. It’s not like my 718 where it pauses and then slams you with a heavy torque hit. The turbos spool up very smoothly with equivalence to your throttle input. It does seem like the idle spool is higher in sport. You can clearly hear them even with oem exhaust. Turbo boost also now goes up to 15psi now as opposed to 10psi stock (heard the gauge max is 15 though). It also spools up to that max much faster.

    Speed wise, I haven’t drag raced anyone yet though I had the opportunity to race a .2 GTS and .2 GT3 last weekend. Just didn’t really seize it. I would bet it’s very similar to both and maybe faster than the GTS. The GT3’s don’t pull away from me on corner exit anymore. I’m right on them the whole time. It pulls very hard and I have broke tires loose in several 3rd gear shifts. Must be the right place for that max power to wheel transfer. Now I need Cup 2s.

  7. Trapperj (Rennlist)

    I found the Soul pipes used. Figured I’d try them & if I didn’t like could buy the 200 cell sport cats. I’m keeping the test pipes. It absolutely transformed the sound of the PSE. The button is magic. No drone that I can tell. Mine is a PDK car, and I don’t intentionally lug her around. Soul seems solid as far as support after the sale. They were kind to me even when they learned I’d purchased used.

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