Porsche 992 Carrera Sport Catalytic Converters


Large diameter tubing and free-flowing catalytic converters allow for a substantial increase in turbo sound, throaty engine note, and power for your 992 Carrera.

Fits US model Porsche 992 Carrera vehicles (2018+) without Gasoline Particulate Filters / GPF (Does not fit European vehicles)
+  Designed and built in-house at our Willow Grove, PA facility
+  All Soul Performance Products are backed by a renowned Lifetime Warranty for both street and track use

DISCLAIMER: When fitted with our previous-generation HJS Sport Catalytic Converters, model year 2021 and newer 992 models may produce a Check Engine Light. New production units feature a performance catalyst that we’ve tested extensively to meet sound and performance standards without a Check Engine Light.

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DEVELOPMENT:  Arguably the most impactful hardware upgrade on the 992 is replacing the restrictive and heavy 700 cell catalytic converters. Swapping your factory catalytic converters with high-flow catalytic converters – designed to withstand extreme abuse – let you hear your turbos clear as day with no noxious fumes. As a result of the increased flow you’ll enjoy better turbo response and an increase in drivability!

CONSTRUCTION:  Each set of sport cats is made in-house by our fabrication team from mandrel bent .065″ wall, 2.5″ diameter T304L stainless steel tubing, CNC cut flanges, and laser cut brackets. All welds are back purged for increased longevity under the most extreme conditions.


BOLT ON FITMENT:  Each set is built and tested in a thick gauge aluminum fixture (which prevents warping) for perfect fitment – guaranteed. Every set is rigorously quality-checked prior to shipping and then foam packed to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. New high grade hardware is included for the bracketry.

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Enjoy your SOUL exhaust components with confidence on both the street and track as they are covered for life! Our team will quickly work with you to resolve any issues or answer any questions that you may have.


  1. Jax15GTS (Rennlist)

    Back from dealer after installing Soul Performance Sport Cats, The Porsche Mechanic was impressed on how easy they were to install and my salesmen and service advisor both said what a huge difference in sound. My Service Advisor said they would not install another brand because of fitment issues. The mechanic said it took him almost as much time to get my car on the lift, than the install. I have to agree much deeper raspy sound. Sound great in Sport Plus and taking off. Give a shout out to Paul at Soul Performance and the great service and product they provided. My opinion well worth the money was not looking for any horse power gain little better sound. The guys at Soul where spot on it was well worth the money.

  2. tvlaan (Rennlist)

    Soul Sport Cats installed in my C4……and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

    I have a C4 with PSE (and Sports Chrono) which is nicely broken-in with about 3000 miles since February. I was pleased with the sound from the PSE, but wanted a little more volume and a deeper tone without being obnoxious. I spent a few weeks researching 4 different brands and reading a ton of threads on the forums. After talking with the folks at Soul I decided to take the plunge. I really like the look and upon receiving them, i can attest to the build quality – really solid and the satin finish is as cool in person as it looks.

    The install took about 45 minutes and the tech said it was incredibly easy and fitment was spot on. No real smell after the first two minutes (including on any subsequent drives), so i guess they just needed to get warmed up that first time to burn off anything left from manufacturing. No check engine light so far after a week of driving.

    The sound is exactly what i was hoping for. In Normal mode it sounds pretty similar, turn on PSE and it sounds a little deeper. In Sport mode it really opens up and has a bit more volume. The posts saying 30-50% louder feel accurate to me. Additionally, there are quite a few more burbles and pops which i also enjoy. As for any power gains, I honestly don’t notice much difference. My 0-60 times were mostly consistent before and after, but i got my best time every with the new sport cats installed – 3.47 seconds (although my best was previously 3.51). Could be the cats, but could be the weather, who knows.

    When all is said and done, i’m really happy i went ahead with the mod. Quick and easy to do and the sound is absolutely amazing over 6000 RPMs.

  3. Greg Schenk (Rennlist)

    My 992 S did not come with the PSE. I installed a PSE and Soul Sport Cats. The combo sound amazing. Liked the twin pipes so did not install the oval ends. I had the local dealer do the PCM install for the manual switch.

  4. TK42ONE (Rennlist)

    Completed my install today. 40 minutes for driver side and 20 for passenger. All the notes above were helpful.

    Both bolts facing the wrong way. A bit of WD-40 and vice grips on the tip and they came out easy. Switched clamps around.

    O2 sensor I used a 22 mm open end head that you can use a ratchet with. Both came out easy.

    induction sounds are clear and louder. I believe it is louder in sport. The burbles are more pronounced.

    Overall very happy with it and a breeze to install.

  5. Tupper (Rennlist)

    Just got back from my Sport Cats install. Only about 30 miles of driving and I’m happy with the change in sound.

    It’s not a night and day change, for anyone who might be expecting that. But it’s enough to notice a difference. Definitely a tad louder and throatier, and I can hear them whistles.

    I actually drove with the top open in my cab because I wanted to hear what the outside world was hearing. I revved up to about 7000 RPMs and it’s definitely more noticeable then. I have yet to hear how it impacts the interior sound.

    My butt dyno is feeling like it’s faster, but who knows?

    Thanks to Soul for this product! I didn’t do the install myself but the shop that I went to said it was a breeze

  6. C4SNY (Rennlist)

    Installed Soul Sports Cats on my 2020 C4S with PSE.

    – No CEL
    – Deeper tone, even at idle
    – More turbo spool
    – Little more crackles
    – I would say 30% louder than stock cats
    – Normal mode sounds quiet like stock cats.
    – Sounds faster, not sure if any gain.

    Overall I’m very happy and it achieves what I wanted. Recordings don’t do it justice – you need to hear it in person to appreciate it.

  7. vic55 (Rennlist)

    I want more and I still have a V10 Audi R8 Performance fully modded with a loud a$$ exhaust so this thing (992 GTS is like a kitty cat purring compared) is rather docile under WOT and Load, so I added these items:

    1. Soul 200 Cells
    2. M Engineering tune with the valve adjustment so they are open ALL the time in Sport and Sport Plus or with the Exhaust button on

    Cliche but Ill say it, with the Sport Cats and the Valve adjustment, its that much better!!! Id say the cats alone pre tune added about 30% more decibels (its not a tonal adjustment) under load and WOT but the valve part is a just a bonafide plus.

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