Answers by Mike

What project cars lead up to your M5 ownership?

I have always had a passion for cars since I was 3, my dad had a 1976 Datusn 280Z. I remember every aspect of that car, the sound with a Monza exhaust he had put on, to us when I was old enough to change the oil in the driveway on ramps. My goal in life was to work hard to have money to buy fast cars, and that’s what I have done. I have owned 4 Datsun Z cars in addition to many many too many M3, M5, and M6 rides.

What are your passions?

Cars, golf, the beach, and living every day like its your last.

What lead you to SOUL and how do you like your system?

I found Soul on the Bimmer board. The reason why I chose Soul was because of the content of the website. It answered every question and concern that I had, and I tested it by showing up with no appointment expecting a system to be ready to go and installed and  sure enough it was. My expectations were exceeded!

The system is insane, it is more then what I thought I was getting and wanting. The look and sound is so strong, but the car is driving better no doubt. It’s breathing better, shifts are quicker, and the overall drivability is smoother no doubt!

Soul gets it, meet the needs of the customer by listening and being fully transparent about who they are and how they do business. Most professional group of people I have ever met at a place of business, team effort for sure no attitude at all. Cleanest shop in the market not one item out of place or any dirt on the floors in the entire shop.  Bottom line is give Soul a try, bet you go with them!

Future plans for your car?

I have entrusted Soul with the future mod management of my car, as they will let me know what they think I need to do next as they know my car front to back. I’d like a bit more engine noise so intakes are next on my to do list.

If you could own any car what would it be?

Pipe dream would be the Koenigsegg One – it’s one of the most finely tuned machines you could step into.


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