What project cars lead up to your Cayenne GTS ownership?

Sadly for my wallet, Porsche’s are slightly addictive.  Prior to this GTS, I had 957 GTS (manual), a 958 GTS, a 955 Turbo S and another 958 S.  If you are going to own an SUV, own one of the best on the planet.  I feel fortunate to have “Jalapno” as my daily driver.

What are your passions?

I have several… one is my company Humanus – where we try and help kids with emotional support and special needs…I love what we do and for whom we do it.  I also love rock climbing, mental and physical fitness, home renovation, working on my cars, rally races, traveling to unique places, good beer, whiskey… life.

What lead you to SOUL and how do you like your system?

Our friends at Momentum Worx lead me to SOUL via the Porsche swap meet in Hershey…  When I heard the story of SOUL, I knew these were the right guys.  The cat bypass pipes SOUL built for my 958 are a work of art. They sound absolutely insane and look like well-made jewelry.

Current mod list / Future plans for your car?

I am going to leave the GTS alone… it is mostly perfect out of the box.  My next mod will be the SOUL Sport Cats for my Carrera 4S, I am excited to put them on.  With the Porsche Sport Exhaust, it will sound incredible.

If you could own any car what would it be?

I am a devoted Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche loyalist….  So many cars and such little time.  Hands down, I would want the formidable Porsche 959.  It is the original super car and nearly perfect in every way.

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