CUSTOMER HIGHLIGHT: Patrick MP4-12C – Second Fastest 1/4 Mile Record!

SOUL customer Patrick / @_boostd_ has set a record as second fastest McLaren MP4-12C at the TX2K19 event! Fast cars of all kinds congregate in Texas to push their cars and punish their tires for a wild week or vehicle insanity.

“I think I could have broken the record but alas, I was out of fuel and could not find any as the fuel vendor only had enthanol and my car just runs pump and high octane unleaded. I had no crew or support system for the event. I literally drove down – and got 25 mph!”

“I have Pure stage 1 turbos. Same setup as the record holder, but he was running meth too. I couldn’t get my meth ready before the event. We chat all the time and he’s helped me out a lot along the way. The McLaren guys are all great. There’s so few of us that we don’t bash each other or anything.” Patrick is running our 3.5″ Competition Downpipes, DME Tuning ECU Tune, and has work done by JP Euro to push power limits to the max.

Here is the time slip, officially verified by DragTimes:

The current record holder is running 3″ downpipes vs the 3.5″ SOUL Competition Downpipes – and we think that record has a good chance of being broken when Patrick returns to the track. Time will tell!

Considering upgrading your McLaren to chase records or just have fun on the street? Give us a call and we can assist or point you in the right direction.

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– Mike Spock / Marketing Manager