TECH TALK: Airgas ARCAL™ Prime

We’re proud to weld to the highest possible standards by back purging our welds whenever possible and we’re proud to incorporate Airgas ARCAL™ Prime argon into the process.

Back purging is the process of shielding the inside of the weld with an inert gas to prevent contamination during the welding process, resulting in a stronger weld. If you’re not intimately familiar with the process and the positive aspects of back purging, check out our past Tech Talk article on back purging here.

Argon is an excellent shielding gas and is available in many blends for back purging. Airgas ARCAL™ Prime has an extremely high purity at 99.998% Ar with H2O<10ppm. This increases our internal cost of producing components but results in the best possible weld, and the best possible welds result in the smoothest flow and the best durability. Our commitment to quality and excellent customer service is considered in as many aspects of how we business as possible – every detail matters – even .001 percent of a gas.


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– Mike Spock / Marketing Manager