NEW PRODUCTS: Porsche 993 Carrera Exhaust Suite

SOUL is proud to officially release our 993 product line offering hand-made upgrades for the 993 Carrera to increase your driving enjoyment. We very much appreciate everyone’s ongoing interest and support!

Cat Bypass X-Pipe | Sport Catalytic Converter X-Pipe
MSRP: $1,295 – $2,295

We’re proud to offer a well designed product with large 2.5” diameter piping and properly located O2 bungs so that each bank is accurately read. There are unique designs for OBD1 and OBD2 to ensure this. The welds are back purged for proper penetration and durability. Our X-Pipes make a great sound improvement with feedback in performance improvement noted from those that have installed them. You can choose from catless for the most impressive sound note or our sport version with HJS 200 cell catalytic converters which are known for their industry–leading flow and durability.

POWER: Dyno testing was done by Apex AutoWerks in NJ on a stock 1998 993. As these dyno results are by a reputable third party on a Mustang Dyno, we expect these to be realistic and repeatable gains. The average of three dyno runs revealed peak gains of 14 WHP and 12 ft-lbs of torque for catless and 8 whp and 8 ft-lbs of torque from the catted X-pipe. Max power gains of over 15 whp can be found in the upper midrange to make street driving more pleasurable. Expect gains to be increased with an ECU tune. Catless dyno chart pictured below:

Competition (Catless) | Sport (HJS 200 cell cats)
MSRP: $2,095 – $3,095

It was our goal to produce a system worthy for the street enthusiast and RWD builder alike. We took a fresh look at the 993 Carrera and wanted to introduce a unique product option. How’s it sound? It’s air-cooled – of course it sounds great! Our rendition of “great” produces a nice roar and burble without being undrivable – it’s certainly loud but it’s oh so good and doesn’t punish your ears. Downshifts emit crackles and pops while the idle has a wonderful burble letting you know your Porsche is something special. This system is perfect for the weekend cruiser and show car alike – you’ll definitely attract positive attention wherever you go. Our system utilizes large diameter 2.5″ piping for a more aggressive exhaust note and minimizes drone.


FITMENT: There are three different cat configurations on the 993, and 1996 is a split year so anything goes. The OBD1 systems have one O2 sensor in the middle of the X, the OBD2 cars have an O2 sensor before and after each cat.

1994 – 1996: Bischoff Flange OBD1, Bischoff Flange OBD2
1996 – 1998: Gillet Flange OBD2

FABRICATION: We use thick gauge aluminum fixtures to prevent warping over time. You may notice the gas block which is pumping in Argon gas to shield the inside of the weld (back purging). All of our 993 exhaust products are designed and fabricated in house. We invite you to stop in and see your components being built, or we can document the process for you personally!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We have a no excuses customer service policy. We will do everything in our power to make you happy and stand behind our Lifetime Warranty and Fitment Guarantee.

LITTLE TO NO LEAD TIMES: We try to keep our products in stock at all times. If we can’t meet that due to demand, it is typically only a few days turnaround with little exception.

CUSTOMIZATION: Custom logos (or no logo) and even custom colors are optional – they’re your tips you can have them your way. We can do both PVD and Jet-Hot ceramic coatings each with their own benefits.

SUPPORTING PRODUCTS: For 993 muffler replacements we are collaborating with the one…the only…Darin Fister, and we are very excited to have his exceptional work partner our products. There is a Fister 2 and a Fister 3 depending on how aggressive you want to go in conjunction with our X-Pipes. Please feel free to give us a call at any time to discuss your unique goals to configure the correct setup for you.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: We expect our products to have the snot beat out of them for their lifetime, including track use. That’s what these cars are meant to do. Therefore, we offer a Lifetime Warranty including track use on all of our products. The only exceptions are circumstances outside of our control (like going over a speed bump at 90mph or hitting a wall at the track), and the HJS cat cores themselves which we warranty for 3 years with standard pump gas. However, we will work outside of warranty situations like these for a fair resolution for all involved.

Contact us any time with questions, customization requests, to order, or find your nearest SOUL dealer / installer
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– Mike Spock / Marketing Manager