NEW PRODUCTS: Porsche 997.2 Carrera Exhaust Suite

We are happy to release our hand-made upgrades for the 997.2 Carrera to increase your driving enjoyment. We very much appreciate everyone’s ongoing interest and support! To start we have muffler and tip upgrades but we’ll have catted and catless headers available as well very soon.


DEVELOPMENT: A “CMB” is widely considered to be the ideal starting exhaust mod as it yields the best return on sound optimization for the 997.2 platform – especially on cars with the factory Porsche Sport Exhaust. After consulting with top tier Porsche tuners and engine builders our final design keeps the banks separate (like the factory layout) to prevent loss of low end torque while increasing overall performance. Rasp is cut down over a crossover pipe design through large radius bends with greater flow than factory. The incorporated Torca clamps allow for the best possible fitment on older vehicles.

SOUND: The SOUL Center Muffler Bypass exhaust amplifies the existing exhaust characteristics of the factory system – expect more feedback and growl from the flat six engine. Volume on and off throttle is increased by a moderate amount for a refined level of enjoyment. In-cabin presence is increased slightly to give you much welcomed feedback from the vehicle without droning.

WEIGHT: 3.6 lbs / 1.5 kg less than factory exhaust components (12.7 lbs vs 16.3 lbs)

MSRP: $1,695 – $2,245

DEVELOPMENT: The 997.2 Carrera desperately needs exhaust mods – it’s so quiet you can barely hear the engine under load. SOUL Sport Side Mufflers are designed around drone fighting mufflers to maintain a premium driving experience – but outperform a standard muffler through a hybrid design. Talk tubes bridge piping before and after the mufflers to allow for some exhaust flow to bypass the mufflers during aggressive driving – like a mild muffler bypass without the harsh tone and volume. This hybrid design allows for a throatier more aggressive note than a standard side muffler replacement on moderate to aggressive throttle application while maintaining the refined cabin presence of a muffled system during cruising.

SOUND: SOUL mufflers have ample sound attenuating materials to provide an increase in sporty exhaust tone without inducing drone or any negative notes. They are a great upgrade to pair with aftermarket headers or a center muffler bypass exhaust to increase excitement without being overbearing while mitigating any potential rasp. If you’re looking for an OEM+ exhaust note that is never overly aggressive, we recommend this modification over center muffler bypass exhaust.

WEIGHT: 3.6 lbs / 1.5 kg less than factory exhaust components (31.2 lbs vs 34.8 lbs)

MSRP: $495 – $645

CONSTRUCTION:  Each system is made in-house by our fabrication team from mandrel bent .065″ wall, 2.5″ diameter T304L stainless steel tubing and laser cut brackets. All welds are back purged for increased longevity under the most extreme conditions.

BOLT ON AND GO: Each exhaust is built and tested in a thick gauge aluminum fixture (which prevents warping) to ensure perfect fitment. Every set is rigorously quality-checked prior to shipping.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We have a no excuses customer service policy. We will do everything in our power to make you happy and stand behind our Lifetime Warranty and Fitment Guarantee.

LITTLE TO NO LEAD TIMES: We try to keep our products in stock at all times. If we can’t meet that due to demand, it is typically only a few days turnaround with little exception.

CUSTOMIZATION: Custom logos (or no logo) and even custom colors are optional – they’re your tips you can have them your way. We can do both PVD and Jet-Hot ceramic coatings each with their own benefits.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: We expect our products to have the snot beat out of them for their lifetime, including track use. That’s what these cars are meant to do. Therefore, we offer a Lifetime Warranty including track use on all of our products. The only exceptions are circumstances outside of our control like going over a speed bump at 90mph or hitting a wall at the track. However, we will work outside of warranty situations like these for a fair resolution for all involved.

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