NEW PRODUCT: 992 Turbo Valved Exhaust System

Early turbocharged 911s were among the most raw and hair-raising driver’s cars on the market, being cautiously yet affectionately referred to as “widowmakers.” Their performance accolades were directly attributed to the competition counterparts on which they were based, but their aggressive tendencies demanded respect—or else.

That flagship performance continued to evolve over the decades, but so did its demeanor. The outright speed and power potential of the turbocharged 911s borders on ludicrous yet with an approachable civility that is often sacrificed by cars of this caliber. The modern 911 Turbo is now highly regarded for its overall capabilities, and not just what it presents on paper.

Few sports cars can equally prioritize maximum performance and everyday practicality, and there’s no reason to sacrifice one or the other with your exhaust system. For the 992 Turbo and Turbo S, we developed our Valved Exhaust System to only amplify the car’s inherent characteristics, delivering spirited driving character and that same level of cabin refinement that is expected and appreciated.

Our solution achieves this not by simply restricting tubing diameter like other systems do, as they attempt to circumvent the delayed factory valve actuation and inject more sound lower in the rev range. Instead, we want to embrace that cruising comfort with the valves closed using a muffler, featuring an internal x-pipe that still creates a rich, smooth tone. But when the valves open, or for drivers who use a valve controller or software to force them open all the time, the transition to a 3-inch primary flow path is a significant delta, as it produces an aggressive, exhilarating, yet still sophisticated tone to be expected of a flagship sports car. For drivers who want a little of everything, they look to the 911 Turbo, and our Valved Exhaust caters to them all the same.

Whether your upgrades are transformational or modest, the modular SOUL Valved Exhaust slots in to provide a rich, smooth tone from the turbocharged flat-six. As an individual upgrade, our system replaces the raw, unrefined tone delivered by the factory muffler and results in a tasteful OEM “Plus” experience. The increased tubing diameter through the x-pipe will elicit a much more exciting sound through the valves-open flow path, while the secondary flow path’s muffler manages unwanted resonance and volume when circumstances warrant. But paired with upgraded catted components, the overall sound is transformational as is the transition phase.


By adding our Sport Catalytic Converters or Cat Bypass Pipes, sound level and performance are maximized through those components. Instead of those pieces heightening the unrefined sound of the stock rear muffler, they work in concert with our Valved Exhaust to initiate a unique and multifarious sound profile headlined by the signature flat-six sound that was veiled behind the turbochargers; and of course those turbos will sing too, delivering a dynamic orchestra that even the most lauded naturally-aspirated GT cars can’t match. The refined tone is complemented by induction noise and turbo whistling for a theatrical event every time you apply throttle—or even let off it.

But dialing back the drama is every bit as important a part of the equation as the excitement is, and our Valved Exhaust System prioritizes that just the same. While upgraded catted components serve to amplify the sound and character of the valves-open flow path, it is dramatically subdued when the valves close thanks to our dedicated muffler that uses a perforated internal x-pipe to reduce drone and still enhance that high-pitched flat-six tone. Crucially, that maintains a mature composure in normal driving situations, while still offering the temptation of an aggressive, high-performance sports car. There was no higher priority than to achieve a significant delta between the two in order to reap the benefits of each.

Even as the 911 Turbo continues to engage in the performance wars among its contemporaries, it has yet to sacrifice the civility that has made it such an attractive option in the sports car market. Fittingly, our Valved Exhaust System approaches both ends of the spectrum with the same level of focus, and the end result is an emotion-stirring supercar that can be sensibly driven any day and anywhere.