BUILD BIBLE: Louis’s Porsche 997.1 Carrera – Street Build

Louis’s 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera

To be honest, this was the culmination of my natural progression through the V.A.G. brand towards my dream car. I’ve owned Volkswagens since I was 17, which as of today includes ten models. I’ve also dabbled with a couple  Audis which include most recently an S3 that was an absolute blast, and truly a surprise to be in a position to purchase one. Wasn’t sure a Porsche, let alone a 911, was ever in the cards for me, but I certainly had hope and a strong desire to make it happen. Once I took the plunge to create a side hustle detailing cars ( and I saw how well received this venture was and that the potential growth only seemed to be limited by the time I was able to invest into it. This added revenue stream meant a 911 was actually something tangible, and thus the search began. Right from the onset the vision of exactly what I wanted was clear; Silver, black interior, coupe, manual and well preserved. Thankfully Weissach (at the other end of the country from me) had in stock something that ticked all those boxes and the deal was sealed! Flew down to finalize and it was shipped back to me in its new forever home. The 997 generation has always spoken to me as being the sweet spot between the older generations and the new. Just as the exact spec of 911 Carrera was already in my head, the future modifications and plan for the overall look of the car was also already solidified. This car continues to put a smile on my face whenever I think about it, see it, discuss it, and certainly drive it. 


  • Soul Performance Products: Bolt on Exhaust Tips (Carbon Fiber) –  “To be honest, this was the easiest decision. I knew that I wanted to swap out the stock oval pipes to start and replace with dual round tips. I also knew they had to be black or dark. This is the most forgiving finish ever!”
  • Soul Performance Products Muffler Bypass Pipes – “I wanted to significantly increase the sound, and boy do these deliver! The side benefit of them being a DIY job, and easily reversible for resale. Not that I foresee that happening!”


  • BC Racing BR series Coilovers
  • Brake calipers painted red with new decals applied


  • OEM Porsche 19” Lobster fork wheels – Refinished in black with lips diamond cut.
    • Front: 19”x8”
    • Rear: 19”x11”
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires
    • Front: 235/35/19
    • Rear: 305/30/19
  • Future Classic  5×130 Wheels Spacer Kit V2
    • Front: 7mm spacers and lugs
    • Front: 15mm spacers and lugs


      • Maxspeed Red Seat Belt Replacements
      • Eurotuning Climate Control Button Replacements – Solves a common 997.1 issue


  • OEM Porsche Red Tail Lights
  • OEM Porsche Satin Black 911 Emblem
  • Clear side markers
  • Rear diffuser wrapped in satin black vinyl
  • Full paint correction and ceramic coating


  • Exterior: Ideally add the OEM Aerokit front end bumper conversion
  • Interior: Once Porsche officially launches their 997.1 PCCM+ I will certainly be scooping that. Really want to maintain the OEM look, and benefit from today’s tech!
  • Additional: Continue to take advantage of every opportunity to jump in and go for a cruise!


Instagram:@llylock and @cleanwagen  |  Youtube: @cleanwagen  | Photographer:  @911obsessed

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Mike Spock – Marketing Manager