BUILD BIBLE: Shekhani Kid’s Porsche 991.1 GT3 – Street Build

Shekhani Kid’s Porsche 991.1 GT3


“This car was inspired by Virgil Albloh, his brand Off-White, and the philosophy of “existing between the space.” As my stock GT3 was yellow, it reminded me of the brand, Off-White, and one of their first signature pieces – the yellow Off-White belt. The design developed from just a side trim piece  paying homage to their signature yellow belt, to the full livery you see that encompassed the entire brand. My goal was to tell a dialogue of a car brand (Porsche) that is often seen as in their best form to be stock by purists and bridge that gap between those who have a passion to highly modify their cars… “the space between black and white.””


Together, both of these Soul Performance Products provide an insane exhaust sound, especially for their affordable price point. I highly recommend that every GT3 owner should do both a side and center bypass exhaust modification.



  • APR GTC-500 wing
  • APR Canards
  • MFR full ground Aero
  • Underglow LED’s
  • Off-white livery
  • Raceseng Tug Tow Hook
  • Tinted side markers and tail lights


  • Simablo X wheels installation. Currently sitting in my garage and waiting for spring
  • ECU yune
  • Supercharger or 4.5L conversion

Hear it here:


Instagram: @shekhani_kid

Fall shoot photographer: @thisisntmydegree

Other photographer: @ss.photoz


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