Porsche Club Delivers Major Contribution to Philabundance Food Drive

Referencing the Porsche community as such is perhaps an understatement. The brand has gathered enthusiasts for shared experiences over the course of several decades, ranging from everything like social outings to competitive motorsports. Porsche’s lasting legacy is one that has been cemented by its products on the road and track, but will continue to be carried on by the ambassadors that represent it.

The wide-ranging yet tight-knit Porsche Club of America is responsible for organizing events like these across the country, with our local chapter being as active as any with strength in numbers. That participation proved its worth in the most impactful way at this year’s Camp Out For Hunger event benefitting Philabundance, as the annual Phil-a-Trunk food drive delivered much-needed food donations in the trunks and frunks of the local Porsche club.

Meeting in massive numbers at The Capital Grille in King of Prussia, the club was then escorted to the Philadelphia stadium complex to drop off the food donations under the direction of a wonderful group of eager volunteers. Regardless of the practical application, dozens of Porsche models were represented including Boxsters and Caymans with double the capacity for food, and SUVs loaded to the brim with non-perishable donations. The ultimate result was more than 140,000 pounds of food donated–nearly 75,000 of that from the Riesentöter club alone.

To celebrate the achievement, drivers were encouraged to test their skills on a charity autocross course, which itself brought in nearly $1,200 along with countless laughs and memories–including our own John Gaydos running the course in his 2001 Ford F-150 to a respectable time of 27.5 seconds!

Ultimately, the sheer number of participants in the Phil-a-Trunk drive delivered the impressive results. But the community-driven spirit of the Porsche Club of America is what made it unforgettable.