Porsche Motorsport History Still Thrives in Pennsylvania

Buying into the Porsche brand isn’t just evaluating the market and choosing the superior product–though in many cases, that’s a sufficient rationale. The Porsche brand signifies so much more than just the product on the showroom floor.

Porsche has earned its reputation by, of course, producing cars that excel through performance, quality, and sheer substance. But its earliest achievements came at the world’s most prestigious motor races and it’s a pedigree the brand wears proudly to this day, especially as its future in endurance racing appears as bright as ever. Events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 12 Hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of Daytona set the stage for Porsche to prove its capabilities of speed and endurance directly against competing manufacturers. And in the decades since, no brand has been as successful in winning those races.

For customers buying anything from a 911 to a Cayenne, it’s coming with those decades of expertise baked right in. To people like Jeff, picking a well-balanced mid-engined sports car is a competitive proposition as the market features dozens of choices at any budget. But to his memory, only one of those options embodies what a sports car is all about.

On paper, his 718 Cayman S boasts statistics that make it a benchmark in its class, but that wasn’t enough to make his choice. As a young enthusiast in Pennsylvania, Jeff remembers the legacy of Holbert Racing and their dominant prototype program in IMSA competition wearing the famous Löwenbräu livery. The distinctive 962s were piloted by names like Bell, Holbert and Stuck, and were a fixture of motorsport based right in our backyard of Warrington, PA. Once Jeff acquired a Porsche of his own, the memory of that is what brought it full circle.

Jeff’s Cayman is now decorated in a livery that calls back to those championship-winning cars, and the rest of his car follows suit with forged wheels, fixed tow hook, extended shift paddles and of course, SOUL exhaust components. It’s impossible to miss on the street, and it’s impossible not to remember the motorsport history that accompanies it on the surface, and built in from the factory.