NEW PRODUCT: 992 Carrera and Turbo X-Pipe Exhaust Systems

Some sports cars evolve over time and become hardly recognizable, but the 911 has been true practically since its inception in the mid-1960s. Even still, the model has been forced to adapt across generations in the name of safety and other regulations—of course performance, as well.

The 992 generation is bigger and more complicated than its predecessors, but undoubtedly more advanced and capable as well. The flat-six is now supplemented by twin turbochargers in the non-GT models, delivering staggering performance from a more efficient and downsized powertrain. And of course, it still has the distinct silhouette of a 911.

But purists who have long lusted after the flat-six’s tone may find the turbochargers dampen the experience even as they liven up the performance, and we insist that they can have it both ways. Our exhaust suite for the 992 Carrera and Turbo models intended to create an invigorating experience that enhances every aspect of the car’s modern character.

To supplement our extensive portfolio of 992 products, we are excited to announce a plug-and-play X-Pipe Exhaust System for Carrera and Turbo models, pairing with the factory catted components or any aftermarket components designed to meet the OEM rear muffler. Even on its own, this modular upgrade nets a number of immediate benefits.

By replacing the stock valved muffler with our non-valved x-pipe, the sound profile is immediately enhanced throughout the rev range as we are now able to circumvent the factory valve programming that progressively opens through about 5K RPM—now, when paired with our Valve Delete Modules, that sound is readily available from a stop and without a tune.

Other muffler replacements that simply use smaller tubing for a valves-closed flow path may deliver more low-end sound, but struggle to balance the two conditions. Opening and closing does not provide enough of an effective delta especially with factory catted components thus rendering it mostly ineffective and expensive. Our cost-conscious x-pipe system produces a reasonable tone for low-speed operation while also maximizing sound at the top of the rev range as there is not a secondary flow path harvesting residual exhaust flow. As a result, we are able to extract the most sound level possible, whether customers are intending to compound the results with other upgraded components or simply leave the factory cats in place.

Despite its simplicity, our x-pipe is anything but a straight-through design. It is developed from our Performance Exhaust System but is tailored to meet all OEM connection points whereas the former system is exclusively produced as a package. The resonated x-pipe delivers a rich, smooth, high-pitched sound with limited drone, owing to our extensive development process to manufacture a sophisticated but uncomplicated design for all turbocharged 992 customers—whether their end goals are within reach or are much loftier.

For the latter group, our 992 catalog is expansive to accommodate that potential. Replacing the heavily-restrictive factory cat cores with either our 200-cell Sport Cats or free-flowing Cat Bypass Pipes, and pairing it with the x-pipe in our aforementioned Performance Exhaust System delivers a full 3-inch flow path to maximize the extraction of additional sound and power from the turbocharged 992s. For ultra-high horsepower builds, further uncorking the exhaust system with our Sport Headers results in an uncompromising optimization that will result in transformational gains in sound, performance, and, importantly, durability.

So whether your goals are to shatter your quarter-mile time, or just amplify your regular driving experience, our 992 product portfolio is tailored to meet exactly what you’re looking for.