IN THE SHOP: 987.1 Cayman Turbo Upgrade

We were approached to assist in the optimization and refresh of a 987.1 Cayman turbo kit setup. The existing setup had seen a hard 60,000 miles and was still performing well but it is was deemed time to give the car upgrades in several areas. Our objective was to work with as many existing components as needed while optimizing components as it made sense. 

We began by installing SOUL Competition Headers to smooth the exhaust pulses going into the turbo for an increase in response. 

Cayman 987.1 turbo build upgrade - Soul Performance Parts

For our design we crafted a new stainless steel exhaust system from the over pipes to tips. 

A performance 987.1 turbo build on a Porsche - Soul Performance Parts

All exhaust components were back purged during welding to offer the greatest possible strength for 6 psi and beyond. 

Back purging a turbo build for a strength - Soul Performance Parts

Our brand new Lincoln Electric plasma cutter was brought to life to make a special SOUL plate to finish off the exhaust. 

Plasma cutting a turbo build - Soul Performance Parts

Here’s a look at the finished product!

We positioned the wastegate as close to the merge as possible and positioned it at an angle that allows the exhaust gases to flow smoothly towards the wastegate without sacrificing flow to the turbo. 


A completed performance 987.1 turbo build - Soul Performance Parts

A custom muffler prevents rasp and keeps volume as civil as possible. Given the tight space constraints we’ve managed to fit a decent sized muffler into a small area by optimizing the muffler casing dimensions. 

Performance 987.1 turbo build muffler - Soul Performance Parts

A TiAL MV-S wastegate is now controlling the boost. It has the potential to have water cooling through the actuator top to keep temperatures down in extreme conditions. 

The wastegate on a Porsche 987.1 turbo build - Soul Performance Parts

Oliver’s clever exhaust design incorporates both wastegate dump tube and exhaust pipe into dual tips with a clean, even appearance. Not pictured is a new upsized K&N air filter with greater surface area to increase flow.

Rear shot of a Porsche 987.1 turbo build - Soul Performance Parts

Sadly we have no video clips to show you at this time as the car requires additional work including maintenance and a new ECU tune to match the new hardware upgrades. We’re looking forward to sharing more information and media when that takes place! Thanks for reading!

Questions? Comments? Let us know!

– Mike Spock / Marketing Manager