BUILD BIBLE: Porsche 987.2 Cayman R – Street / Track Build – John G.

John Gaydos’ 2012 Cayman R


Installing the headers and software was a huge wake up to the performance of the R. This took care of most of the low hanging fruit for performance potential and was nothing short of transformational yielding more power earlier, smoother, and more linear throughout the power curve. While the headers amplified the exhaust, it was the Valved Exhaust System that really brought out the smooth and refined engine character complimenting a sound level increase. With valves open it rips aggressively and is one of the best sounds I’ve heard out of a Porsche, and with valves closed I tracked 17hrs from Sebring to PA and got out no worse for wear. The PCS intake was also a fun mod, the induction noise increase alone was worth the cost as you can hear a deep growl of the intake sucking in the air behind you – quite intoxicating.


“Installing the RSS suspension package and finally getting a proper alignment on the car was a gamechanger with handling improvement and increased grip. The ability to do a proper race alignment reduced tire wear to outer edges now that the tire was used evenly in cornering, so you’re not only increasing performance you’re saving money in the long run – do this ASAP!”

  • Goodrich Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Porsche GT3 Brake Master Cylinder – The GT3 brake master cylinder paired with stainless steel brake lines is a very underrated mod as it firms up the pedal remarkably with less travel, providing a lot more consistency, confidence, and control into the braking zones under hard braking.
  • GiroDisc Slotted RotorsI hated the brakes from factory, those were one of the first to get improved. Slotted rotors and proper track pads got the initial bite and sustained braking performance where they needed to be for a street/track car, and without the quickly forming stress fractures of the factory drilled rotors.”
  • Ferodo DS1.11 / Pagid RSL1 Pads
  • GT3 Front / Modified 997 Turbo Rear Brake Ducts
  • Castrol SRF Brake Fluid


  • Factory Cayman R 19” Wheels 19×10 and 19×8.5 with 10mm spacers front and 15mm spacers rear – “As the factory Cayman R wheels are the lightest 19’s Porsche ever made I kept them on the car for track use.”
  • Bridgestone RE71R 285/35 rear 255/35 front – “Performance was okay with Michelin street tires, then I switched to a 255/285 RE71R setup…WOW, grip for days and wonderful rotation. I shaved seconds off laps immediately, then continued playing with front and rear track width to hone in a bit on balance and grip front and rear. The next step would be a set of Titan 7 TS5‘s in 18s with Nitto NT01s in a 245/275 setup for less rotational mass and a bit more sidewall, while of course reducing tire costs.”


  • Numeric Racing Short Throw Shifter + Cables BundleMy factory shifter cables broke at 34k mikes, and in went the Numeric Cables.  Driving my car back to back with another Numeric modified Cayman on track it was very very apparent that the Numeric Shifter was outperforming my factory shifter. I drive smooth and hard and I shift the same way. After driving with the Numeric Shifter I could feel a very noticeable amount of slop in my shifter. The Numeric shifter was confidence inspiring into every gear, consistent and solid with no worry no matter how hard or quick you are on upshifts and downshifts.
  • RSS Harness Bar
  • Sparco Evo/Evo 2 Seats with Planted Brackets
  • Racetech 6pt Harnesses
  • Garmin Catalyst Driving Performance Optimizer


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