BUILD BIBLE: Porsche 981 Cayman S – Track Build – Allen B.

Allen Barreno’s 2014 Cayman S – 6 Speed Manual Transmission



  • Soul Performance Products Competition Headers – “Best performance/$ ratio in terms of simple bolt-on mods”
  • Soul Performance Valved Exhaust – “I chose valved exhaust instead of race pipes as I still drive the car to and from the track – I don’t have a trailer (yet). Being able to muffle the exhaust even a little bit helps for the long drives home after an exhausting track day.
  • IPD Plenum / GT3 Throttle Body
  • COBB Accessport Tuner – “I chose Cobb because of the flexibility – going w/ a future turbo or 4.0L swap, the Accessport gives me flexibility to tune for either in the future.”
  • OEM Porsche Center Radiator –  “Added reliability/cooling when tracking the car in the summer, especially in the California deserts”
  • Running 91 Octane Gas (California)




  • MCS 2-way Dampers w/ Remote Reservoirs
  • Swift Springs (728 Lb / 672 Lb)
  • Tarret Monoball Top Hats
  • Tarret End Links
  • Tarret Rear Anti-sway Bar
  • GT3 Front Anti-sway Bar
  • RSS Front LCA – “Should be one of the first mods to make the most out of tire life and turn-in”
  • WRTeknica Adjustable Caster Puck for front LCA
  • RSS Front & Rear Toe Links
  • RSS Rear Toe Locking Plates
  • Pagid RSL29 pads and Castrol SRF Fluid – “These two are critical in taking full advantage of the light weight and nimbleness of the Cayman platform by braking harder, later, and repeatedly without fading. The OEM brakes are good up to intermediate levels or low speed AutoX, but any faster will disintegrate the OEM pads and boil the DOT fluid”
  • Girodisc 2-piece rotors 350mm F / 325mm R – “The six-year-old OEM cross-drilled rotors started showing hairline cracks, so I went w/ the slotted rotors as a replacement.”
  • Goodrich Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Corner balanced and aligned at WRTeknica

“Lowering cars first requires adjustments to the geometry to handle correctly. A good kit means nothing without a proper alignment when lowering for performance benefits. From there, the adjustability of the dampers and anti-roll bars are up to the driver and their balance preference. I started taking detailed notes at the track on how adjustments to suspension and aero affected the balance. I avoided making huge changes at the track (unless something felt really off) and focused more on driving consistently, then compared notes and settings at home.”


  • Titan 7 T-S5 18×10 and 10×9
  • Nankang AR-1 275/35R18, 255/35R18
  • Motorsport Hardware wheel studs – “These are so much easier than dealing w/ the factory wheel bolts.”


  • Studio RSR Bolt-in Half Cage
  • Sparco QRT-R Seats
  • Sparco HANS 6-point Harnesses


  • GT4 front bumper and rear valence – “This was done to get better access to future aero and open up the front ventilation for the third radiator”
  • Verus Engineering Diffuser & Flat Under-panels
  • Getty Design Wing Assembly


  • More Seat Time  – Practice, practice, practice
  • More Aero – the front needs some attention w/ a front splitter.
  • More power – either via a Carrera motor swap stroked to 4.0L and the Powerkit, or via a turbo but that’s not going to be for a while. There’s still plenty of lap time left on the table for me to find. No need to hide it now by masking it w/ big power.


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